So tell me, Leftover Ladies and Gents . . .

How do you store your Leftovers?

A) Do you slide a big plastic bag over the serving plate?
B) Do you get out that Tupperware trio and burp those lids?
C)  Do you find, like I do, that a zip lock bag is the perfect and practical way to preserve them?

If you chose C, then you'll understand why Wingtip chose to present them in their natural state!

Here's a few photos from installing the show at Woodriver Cellars.  Now, the only thing you'll have to worry about is what wine goes with what leftover.

Here's a peek at the exhibition:  Bon Appetit!

Wanna see the Leftover Gourmet Glee Team?

Here they are hanging the show last Sunday afternoon:

Maria Carmen, prep that wall!

Sue, measure that space!

Odessa, hang those prints!

Lisa and Maria Carmen hanging SOLAR, too!

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Solar exchange is hanging with Leftovers!  Solar, by the way, is an exchange of 16 artists from Wingtip Press and Oxbow Press.  The theme is the result of a Solarplate workshop at Wingtip Press last August.  Candace Nicol came to Boise to teach the process and the exchange features the Solarplate process and was aptly named Solar  - and it was due on the Winter Solstice.


And what happens if you can't make it to one of Leftover's Exhibitions?

Don't despair.  I've plans to scan them all once they come down from their most recent exhibition at Woodriver and I'll post them here for all to see.  It will be a feast, I assure you,
a feast!

Closing Night at Oxbow Press

Last week-end a few Boize-wahzians made the trek to Reno for the closing reception of Leftovers.  We oohed and ahhed at the fabulous space that is filled with the energy of Oxbow Press and its members.  And then we packed up the luscious Leftovers to bring 'em home.

And those still fresh and fabulous Leftovers are now adorning the walls of the tasting room at Woodriver Cellars in Eagle, thanks to the help of leftover lovin' local printmakers Odessa, Maria Carmen, Lisa and Sue.

Here's a small peek of Oxbow minutes before the Leftovers came down.