Sneak Peek

Aw, come on, you didn't really think I'd give you a look at the prints that have arrived before I divvy them up, did you?  But what I can do, is give you some clues by providing some of the titles:

What Elephant?
Self Portrait at 33 Years Old
Apollo and Daphne
When Negative is Positive

Now, you can use your imagination to envision some of the prints that are piling up at Wingtip.

I love you guys - and your prints!


Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down

Yesterday two of my printmaking pals, Linda and Deb, came over to play in the studio.   It was an ugly, bitter day.  To steal a line from one of my favorite children's holiday books, "it was as cold and bitter as a quarrel."  So, I decided to make tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches to take the chill off.  We had leftovers for dessert.  No . . . not just any leftovers.  Yeah, I did it.  I gave them both a sneak peak at the pouches of prints that have passed the threshold into my kiwi green Leftover tote.   Oh, if you could've heard the oohs and aahs.   It was a beautiful thing.

Here's the tote - just so you can get a visual. You can kinda get a little peek at the edge of one of the prints if you zoom in.   And you're absolutely right.  There is no way this will hold 135 pouches of prints.  Oh, didn't I tell you - we're still growing.  And you can cross Maine off the list of US states void of printmakers and leftovers.  Uh-huh.



Last year we had Leftovers from the US and Scotland.  This year, we've added several provinces of Canada, and places as far away as Singapore, Afghanistan, Spain, the UK, Wales, Ireland, Puerto Rico and Tasmania.  How cool is that?  Looks like it's going to be an International Buffet!

Kinda like the Olympics - without the medals!


Do you know what's really sad?

When all the packages of leftovers have stuffed my mailbox, there will be a few states that won't be represented.   Seriously!  Using the latest Leftover List, there is legitimate reason to believe there are no leftovers in the following states:

Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Can you imagine what this map (courtesy of the NY Times) would look like without all those states? Sorry Alaska and Hawaii.   And can you imagine our luscious Leftover buffet with all 50 U.S. states?  There's definitely more room at the Leftover Table.  Nudge a printmaking pal in one of those under respresented states, and tell 'em to get crackin!


A Leftover Landslide

Yup!  Got a tip that there's a bundle of bloggers from Canada to Spain spreading the leftover light and love.   Check 'em out! You'll even get a "shining" sneak peak at one set of prints that arrived in my mail box recently.

And speaking of mail, I can't tell you how much fun it is to find a package of prints in my mailbox!  Though this mailbox has taken a lot of abuse.  My postal carrier stuffed in a big package of prints last year forcing the mail box to lose it's footing in the ground and it's been a bit wobbly ever since.  With 130 packages arriving over the next few weeks, (let's see that's about FOUR a day) it just may be on its last leg.

See the large envelope with the red stripe on top.  If you could only peak inside . . . absolutely stunning little drypoints!   Uh-huh.


Heads up!

For those of you within a stone's throw of Boize-wah, you might want to think about grabbing the last spot in our April Monotype workshop.  It'll be the perfect way to wrap up the first ever Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Symposium to be held at Boise State University the last week of April!

Okay, okay -  I know the flyer is a bit hard to read - so click on it to get all the juicy details!  You'll be oh so glad you did.


Of course, there's still time!

There are still 33 days to sign up, make prints and get them delivered to Wingtip Press in Boise. Can't begin tell you how great it feels to get an email asking to join - and how even more amazing it is to open that mail box and find a stash of prints.   (More about the mailbox in a future post)


Just in cases

If you saw the movie Love Actually, you probably remember that line - "just in cases . . . "  And if you didn't see the Leftovers show last year, then you probably haven't seen the prints from last year's exhibition. So, just in cases . . . here's a post from last year's blog.

Click on the image and it will enlarge and you'll get a closer look at this group portrait.  And if you want to see all the group portraits from the 2010 Boise exhibition, head to the previous posts on the left hand side of the blog and scroll down to August, 2010.  The title is "So tell me Leftover Ladies and Gents . . ."


So sad . . .

. . . my laptop has been in intensive care at the Mac store in the mall.   So, I've been a bit behind in making blog posts and mentioning all the blogs that have been mentioning Leftovers!  It's really quite extraordinary and I'm thrilled that you all have been spreading the love.  So I hope you will forgive me for being behind in recognizing all of your posts.  I had a list of blogs I was going to  announce and now I have to go back and reconstruct!  I'll do my leftover best is all I can say.


Lest you forget . . .

Spread the Love!

Prints:  14 - must include a hand process
Paper Size:  Up to 5" x 7" - can be smaller, but NO larger please!
Cost:  $12.00
Due Date:  March 15, 2011

To sign up email Amy at info@wingtippress.com