Mail Malfunction

Did we mention the mail malfunction? Long story short: packages from Canada got switched at the Canadian shipping office (think internationally famous mail shipping company). Wingtip received $11,800 in checks (cancelled, thankfully) and JP Morgan received an edition of fresh, delicious Canadian Leftovers prints. JP Morgan  apparently preferred the prints as it took them three weeks to part with them and send them to their rightful owners.  But they're here now, safe and sound. (And yes, Wingtip promptly returned the checks to the mail malfunctioning facility.   

Just goes to show our prints are worth a million   okay, but at least eleven eight.

Yikes! It's Nearly June

Where has the time gone?  Whew! What a busy nearly first half of 2013.  Time is fleeting and your Leftovers will be soon, too!  You see, we finally cleared the tables and began the pre-pre-pre packaging yesterday at Wingtip Press.  With a crew of five, we prepared the shipping labels, the international documents, the receipts, alphabetized everything so your prints can find their way to your envelopes and we even carefully organized  your name, location and print title info so the exhibition labels can be created for our upcoming exhibitions.  

So, it doesn't look like much.  But they're all here - nearly 180 luxurious little baggies of luscious Leftovers soon to be at a mailbox near you.

I know, your mouth is watering now, huh?