All our prints seem so far away.

So far away!  Far away, in New Zealand for crying out loud.  And the opening is tonight.  New Zealand time.  Even thought it's Thursday here, it's yesterday there.  And when it's today here. it's yesterday there.  So,  I'm lamenting the past, even though its in the future.  Go figure.

Enough!  Here's New Zealand's Wharepuke Gallery and Print Studio's  to-die for printmaking studio where NON-TOXIC is key!  And here's to Mark Graver,  proprietor and visionary.  Yup!  He's the guy that took a chance on us.  And that could lead me to an old Abba song, but I'm smart enough to know to get the hook.


Shhhhhhhhhhhh . . . Listen

Okay, so we collect Leftovers.  Well, that is, we collect your Leftovers (with your help). We put out the call. You respond. You send in your leftovers.  Easy enough.  And we can see why you might think so.  So we thought we might share with you a bit of exactly what happens and how it goes.   And, of course we could start by listing things like:

1. Go to the mailbox
2. Bring in the packages
3. Open the packages
4. Ooh and Ahh
4. Record receipt of each L/O in Excel spreadsheet
5. (you get the picture)

And, the truth of the matter is: that's just exactly what we do.  But rather than list all the steps one by one, we thought we might just invite you to listen to exactly what we do.  So, close your eyes for about 140 seconds and listen.  Listen to the Leftovers:

Unpacking L/O


It's Leftover's III Eve

And here's one of the packages under the tree, er, I mean press!
Well, I guess it is a tree, the annual Leftover tree.  This artist really took the Leftovers theme to heART!  It's from first time Leftover participant, Dr. Kathleen Keys at Boise State University, who heads up the Art Education program at BSU.  And speaking of BSU, last year Leftovers were part of the Inaugural Symposium of the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance.  And we have plenty of new connections to Leftovers this year as a result of the RMPA folks.    And if everyone who said they were going to participate follows through, we'll have over 180 course of Leftovers at the international Leftover banquet-buffet-feast!

Buon appetito!

Oh!  And here's a shot of the Leftover tree with all the packages that arrived today.



Most of you don't know that I sold packaging for 25 years before I decided to honor the artist in me.  Packaging.   PKG.  That's shorthand for packaging.  You know, boxes, bubble wrap, tape. Ahhh, but it's so much more.  It, like art, tells a story.   It can say "look at me, open me first" or it can, like the Los Angeles police force, simply PROTECT and SERVE.  

And, to tell you the truth, I like it all: the humble kraft paper envelope or the jazzy emerald green bubble wrap mailer, both of which I tore into today like I was Tom Hanks stranded on an island waiting for FedEx.

You see, we love getting your packages of Leftovers! And the good news is:  You'll love getting your package of Leftovers, too.   Because, I gotta tell you, everyday we open the most extraordinary prints and it won't be long before  we get  to share them all with you.

Oh, and did we mention the stamps?   This package here just might win in the "best stamp category."  "And, the Leftover award for Artistic Direction for Postage goes to:

Tah Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!