Leftovers III.  Those little smartypants.  They're going to Purdue in the fall.   They'll be part of an international print exhibition, Exchange III, curated by fellow Leftovers III chef, Monica Farrar, and her colleagues Kathryn Reeves, Lisa Wicka and LaToya Hobbs. The exhibition will be held at the Rueff Galleries at Purdue in Lafayette, Indiana September 10-22.

And to introduce our first exhibition of Leftovers III, here's Arizona printmaker Kathryn Polks' print, Overeducated Women:

We'll keep you posted of future exhibitions!  And we'll be posting the remaining 152 Leftovers sometime soon.


Next Stop: Wales

Leftovers II has been invited to Wales!  Yes, they will be packed up soon to take a little trip to Swansea, Wales for an exhibition at Swansea Print Workshop, opening July 17.  Then, come August 10, they'll find a postbox and send them back to Boise.

Meanwhile, we'll be posting images of the Leftovers III portfolio on the blog.  Just a few each day. The prints have all been scanned, but they need to be cropped, and identified.  It's a big task, but won't it be fun to see the whole smorgasbord?  Yeah, we think so, too!

Bon voyage you saucy little Leftovers II.  Hmm, I wonder if we could get them some frequent flyer miles?


Deliver the Letter! The Sooner the Better

I know you haven't seen a post in a while.  A long, long while.  That's because we've been busy. Whew!  You know. Get 'er done.  And we did -  get' er done!

We started with a totally empty slate.  Well, empty table.  TableS.  Lots of empty tables. A gzillion empty tables.

Enough to hold over 150 editions of delicious leftovers.  And with the help of the dedicated leftover crew we collated, stamped, packaged, stuffed, dadadada da and this is what just one box of collated, stamped, packaged, stuffed, dadadadada da looked like, before we added the delivery confirmations.

And then there were the the international leftovers.   They needed USPS custom declarations. And they got 'em!  Youbetcha.

Now, imagine being behind us in line at the USPS as the nice man behind the counter tallied, calculated, reweighed, stamped and documented each and every package on its international merry way.

So, the next thing that's about to happen is to get all the scans of all the Leftovers uploaded to this blog.   So give me a week or two, or three to catch my breath and I'll do just that.  Meanwhile, set the table, sit back, and enjoy the 12 course feast about to hit a mailbox near you.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?