Here's the deal

This is Wingtip Press' sixth year of hosting our Leftovers print exchange. It started when we were cleaning out our flatfiles years ago and wondering what to do with all those little scraps of paper that were jamming up the drawers. We figured we weren't the only one with such delicious problems, so we invited a few printmaking pals to create prints from their scraps. Since then we've exhibited prints around the world, made new friends and expanded our collection of extraordinary prints.

All the details are in the previous post, so give us a shout - with an email to info@wingtippress.com to reserve a place at the table.


Leftovers Six, 6, VI, Yes SIX!

We got a bit behind in 2015. We moved - and we're planning another move one by the end of 2015. But that's not stopping us from sending out the call for Leftovers VI.  (We know - finally, right?) And we've got some new ideas about how you can get the most bang from your press.  In the past, Wingtip Press has been very successful in arranging multiple international exhibitions for your prints and we will always make sure that happens. We've also been able to secure the front page of a weekly arts publication featuring a handful of each year's submissions. But it's been at the expense of not having those prints available for either our exhibitions or auction for hunger relief - and our amazing auction has been the one to suffer.  We've already arranged to get the cover again this year, and we're also negotiating for a story in some regional publications and we don't want our exhibitions, our exchange - or our auction to suffer. So, we've decided to suggest an alternative to the 14 prints: If you're interested in being considered for the various publications we are hoping to be featured in, we hope you will consider adding an additional print to make a total of 15 prints for the  Leftovers VI exchange.  If your print is selected, we promise to secure copies of the publications for you and feature them on our website and this blog.

We've always left the subject matter up to you and it is certainly your decision.  We will say that our auction raises funds and consciousness about food safety and accessibility, so images that relate to the theme of food, farming, production, distribution, hunger, wholesomeness, food safety, local farmers markets, ingredients, dining or even your favorite kitchen utensil have a soft spot in our hearts. But, PLEASE, express yourself in whatever way you choose. We have a blast with all of this - from sending out the call, to relishing our trips to the mailbox, to carefully packaging each participants prints,  to exhibiting them and attaching the stamps that take them to you and around the world and back again.

So, here's the scoop!

We will send you the submission form when you send us your RSVP!

Boun appetito!