Discovering a long, lost Leftover

We picked up a new press today! Well, not-so-new, I guess, but new to us.  We are the third owners of this 1970's electric combo press.  And it came to us with the original receipt and correspondence about building a table to accommodate it.   It was in a small basement gallery in a very large and lovely, I'd call it a mansion, in the Warm Springs District in Boise.  The movers struggled to get it out of the studio, up a very slender staircase, out the door and down the long cobblestone driveway to the moving truck.

When they went back for the table and picked it up to move it, we discovered the original owner had used a large panel of wood with the remains of a painting on the underside of the table.  A leftover, leftover from the 70's.  

The press and table have taken a window seat in our studio at Wingtip and I can't wait to print my Leftovers on it.   Oops, now you know, I haven't printed my Leftovers yet either!


Here comes the Mail Person

Well, the Leftovers are starting to tumble in.  And with 18 days to go, we imagine we'll be receiving more than just a handful every day now.  We can't begin to tell you how much fun it is to get those puffy envelopes full of your prints.  Well, they're not all puffy, some are packed in very rigid protection like masonite, and foam core and wrapped so well, it requires a surgeon to open them.  We love to see all the different ways you pack your prints.

And just imagine our delight in receiving this delightful envelop today - all the way from Canada.