Waiting to be Served

Just because we're up to 75 participants doesn't mean I'm not waiting for more!  Here's the scoop one more time:

Prints:  14
Size:  Up to 5" x 7" - can be smaller, but NO larger please!
Cost:  $12.00
Due Date:  March 15, 2011

Contact info@wingtippress.com


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Leftovers!

Oh yeah!  We're up to sixty some participants. Tis really the season for Leftovers and let's face it  -  we need something to look forward to over this next stretch of cold, short days and long cold nights.

And just in case you're willing to spread the word over that jar of spiced peach halves, here are the details again:

Prints:  14
Size:  Up to 5" x 7" - can be smaller, but NO larger please! (USE YOUR LEFTOVERS!)
Cost:  $12.00
Due Date:  March 15, 2011

So, my dear friends, think ink, prefer paper, love life and make art all day long!

Wingtip Press

We Want Your Leftovers

During the wars -  WWI and WWII - the US Food Administration had an ongoing campaign to remind people to save food.  Talk about recycling! This was a time when it was patriotic to reduce, reuse and recycle.   We had a common goal.   

Makes me think it's time for more posters to remind of us how we are all in this together.  Too bad it took a World War to remind us to be conscious of waste.


Posthumous Participant

I would be remiss if I failed to include Giuseppe Archimboldo as an Honorary Leftover Participant.  Now here's a guy who could win the Iron Chef, have his work hung in the 

Kunsthistorisches Museum and be the private portrait artist to the Holy Roman Emperor without blinking an onion, I mean eye.

If you're reading this with your laptop, turn it upside down,  If you're on a desktop, stand on your head!  Is this guy versatile, or what?

Oh, btw, if you're reading this blog for the first time - scroll on down a few posts to find the details for becoming our next Leftover Participant.  


Thirty Nine Steps

was the title of a famous 1935 Hitchcock film.  And I'll use a frame from that classic to announce we are 39 steps closer to breaking 100 participants in this year's
 Leftovers exchange!

Unlike Madeleine Caroll's character here, feel free to spread the word!


Do Your Part!

Reduce Methane! Join the Leftover Brigade!  

When paper rots or is composted it emits methane gas which is 25 times more toxic than CO2.
Source: International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED),
founded in 1971, was commissioned by the World Business Council for
Sustainable Development to do the study. “A Changing Future for Paper:
A summary of the study “Towards a Sustainable Paper Cycle”.

In case you've forgotten, here are the details:


Serving Size:  Up to 5” x 7” – Can be smaller but NO larger (USE YOUR LEFTOVER PAPER SCRAPS)
Servings:   14 prints
Process:   Your choice - as long as it’s hand-pulled
Cost:    $12.00 -  (You receive a dozen Leftovers) 
Commitment Date:   January 15, 2011     
Expiration (due) Date:  March 15, 2011  

Spread the word, tell a friend! We'd love to exceed 100 participants this year.


Mind your P's and Q's

I would if I could, but I have none.  P's and Q's that is.  We're up to 35 Leftover Lovers now, but not one of you have a name that begins with P nor Q.  I realized that when I alphabetized the list earlier tonight.  And since we're all printmakers, I thought I might remind you of what is believed to be the origin of this phrase.   Mirror images - need I say more?  Typographer apprentices were cautioned to mind their p's and q's when setting type because they are mirror images and easy to confuse.  Now, I always thought it had to do with the keyboard.  Left little finger types the q and right little finger types the p.
Artist J Golden

But back to our exchange, surely there must be some printmakers out there named Pamela, Paul, Paris or Quentin, Quincy and Quinn!


Gonna Let Andy and Marilyn Help Me Announce . . .

we are up to 25  Leftovers as of today!

In case you've forgotten, here are the details:


Serving Size:  Up to 5” x 7” – Can be smaller but NO larger (USE YOUR LEFTOVER PAPER SCRAPS)
Servings:   14 prints
Process:   Your choice - as long as it’s hand-pulled
Cost:    $12.00 -  (You receive a dozen Leftovers) 
Commitment Date:   January 15, 2011     
Expiration (due) Date:  March 15, 2011  

Spread the word, tell a friend! We'd love to exceed 100 participants this year.

Thanks, Andy!
Thanks, Marilyn!


The Jar is 1/5 Full

I'm not a pessimist!  I'm a Leftover Optimist and we're shooting for 100 leftover lovers the second time around.  We're already 1/5 of the way there!  Not bad since it's been only two days since we announced LEFTOVERS II.

Here are the details:


Serving Size:  Up to 5” x 7” – Can be smaller but NO larger 
Servings:   14 prints
Process:   Your choice - as long as it’s hand-pulled
Cost:    $12.00 -  (You receive a dozen Leftovers) 
Commitment Date:   January 15, 2011     
Expiration (due) Date:  March 15, 2011  

Spread the word, tell a friend! 
The more the merrier!


Try to Remember

Try to remember
Last year,  December (2009)
T’was the very  first time
Leftovers   were signed!

We foraged for scraps
In our flat file gaps
Since then things have changed
It’s all been arranged . . .

Now it’s time to decide
If you join us or hide
And bring to fruition
Another edition!

Okay, enough already!

Leftovers   is  BACK!

Well, here it is . . . and here’s the deal:


Serving Size:  Up to 5” x 7” – Can be smaller but NO larger
Servings:   14 prints
Process:   Your choice - as long as it’s hand-pulled
Cost:    $12.00 -  (You receive a dozen Leftovers) 
Commitment Date:   January 15, 2011     
Expiration (due) Date:  March 15, 2011  

Spread the word, tell a friend! We'd love to exceed 100 participants this year.


Leftover Mashed Potatoes

I always make a huge pile of mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving day.  It's really my favorite leftover.  In our family we turn them into mashed potato patties.  Add a little egg, maybe some curry, green onion tops, cheese, some bacon bits, your heart's desire . . . then dust with flour and saute in butter until golden brown.  Vincent captured my peasant ancestors enjoying this simple pleasure years ago.

Okay, that's a fib. The part about Vincent capturing my ancestors consuming leftover potatoes, that is.

The truth is, however, it's beginning to look a lot like LEFTOVER SEASON.  And I'll be announcing our second annual LEFTOVER print exchange very soon.   Bon appetit!


Doggie Bags

Okay, this may not be what you had in mind when I said "Doggie Bag."   I'm hoping you had delicious leftovers in mind.  You know:  LEFTOVERS.   As in it's time to start thinking about the Leftover print exchange again.   Oh, we've got another month or so, but just thought I'd give you a heads up.   And if you know anyone that would like to get in on the fun this year,
give 'em a thumbs up from me and tell them to shoot me an email at info@wingtippress.com


So tell me, Leftover Ladies and Gents . . .

How do you store your Leftovers?

A) Do you slide a big plastic bag over the serving plate?
B) Do you get out that Tupperware trio and burp those lids?
C)  Do you find, like I do, that a zip lock bag is the perfect and practical way to preserve them?

If you chose C, then you'll understand why Wingtip chose to present them in their natural state!

Here's a few photos from installing the show at Woodriver Cellars.  Now, the only thing you'll have to worry about is what wine goes with what leftover.

Here's a peek at the exhibition:  Bon Appetit!

Wanna see the Leftover Gourmet Glee Team?

Here they are hanging the show last Sunday afternoon:

Maria Carmen, prep that wall!

Sue, measure that space!

Odessa, hang those prints!

Lisa and Maria Carmen hanging SOLAR, too!

Oh, I forgot to mention that the Solar exchange is hanging with Leftovers!  Solar, by the way, is an exchange of 16 artists from Wingtip Press and Oxbow Press.  The theme is the result of a Solarplate workshop at Wingtip Press last August.  Candace Nicol came to Boise to teach the process and the exchange features the Solarplate process and was aptly named Solar  - and it was due on the Winter Solstice.


And what happens if you can't make it to one of Leftover's Exhibitions?

Don't despair.  I've plans to scan them all once they come down from their most recent exhibition at Woodriver and I'll post them here for all to see.  It will be a feast, I assure you,
a feast!

Closing Night at Oxbow Press

Last week-end a few Boize-wahzians made the trek to Reno for the closing reception of Leftovers.  We oohed and ahhed at the fabulous space that is filled with the energy of Oxbow Press and its members.  And then we packed up the luscious Leftovers to bring 'em home.

And those still fresh and fabulous Leftovers are now adorning the walls of the tasting room at Woodriver Cellars in Eagle, thanks to the help of leftover lovin' local printmakers Odessa, Maria Carmen, Lisa and Sue.

Here's a small peek of Oxbow minutes before the Leftovers came down.



Ever wonder what wine to serve with Leftovers?  Come join us at Woodriver Cellars in Eagle, Idaho for the month of August!   We'll be having a meet the artists night on Friday, August 13 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.  And there will be live music, too!

These leftovers have been busy.  I haven't seen them since they left Wingtip Press in April!


Jack Lemmon Couldn't Have Done it Any Better

Wasn't it Jack Lemmon in the movie The Apartment that threw a piece of spaghetti against the wall?

His theory was if the spaghetti stuck to the wall, it was done.  Never mind that he strained the pasta through a tennis racket.  Well, Saltgrass printmakers threw our Leftovers up on the wall and exchange member Linda Schrock, whose print included  popcorn and a ticket stub from that same movie (okay, that was a stretch and a fib) took some photos of her visit to Saltgrass.  So, if you won't be able to make it to the Sugar District of Salt Lake soon, take a lingering look:

Glad you stayed for the credits!

Filmed on location at Saltgrass Printmakers, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Thanks to Stefanie Dykes, Sandy and Erik Brunvand and Linda Shrock for making this blog entry possible.

Now go out and Think Ink, Prefer Paper, Love Life and Make Art All Day Long!


And when

every last cent of her money was spent, the Leftover Chappy packed up and she went.


Leftover Leftovers

Still have a few more Leftovers to deliver - and would love some feedback from those who have received theirs!


Leftovers to Hit Reno!

Thought I should give you a sneak preview to the Leftover event that will be held in Reno in July.  Candace Nicol, founder of Oxbow will be hosting Leftover's at her brand new  Reno studio, Oxbow Press.   She provided this photo of her personal Leftover take out box.   You know, this is such a good idea, if you're up for it, why not send me a photo of your Leftover portfolio.  S'pose I should start keeping really good track of this if it's going to become an historical event, huh?

Here's the invite:


Did I mention

that Leftovers is headed to Oxbow Press and Gallery in Reno as soon as it's done in Salt Lake.  Hahahahahaha!  It's true!   "On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again" . . . sang the saucy little leftovers.

Now you outtatowners, you know who you are.   Your prints are on their way.  I have only a few more packages to get posted.  And you local yokel leftover lovers?  Well, you're most likely getting your Leftovers hand delivered with a slice of leftover cake.  Local yokel leftover cake lover logistics to follow.



He'll be knocking on your door soon!

Took a stack of leftovers to the UPS store as well as the USPS today.  One way or another you will be getting your prints soon.  

Is this the same guy or am I imagining things?   Well, he should be knocking soon, but I can't tell you what he'll be wearing.


Having a wonderful time, wish you were here

It takes a lot to pull off a Leftover Feast, but last night, with the help of April, Deb, Lisa and Katherine we prepped a 12 course meal for 62 fine diners!  


Shaving the Leftovers?

No, I won't be shaving the leftovers, I'll be collating THEE Leftovers tomorrow night.  I have 59 sets of Leftovers stashed in the fridge, and am expecting two more sets by the end of day tomorrow.  And I'm really wishing I had made sixty some prints so I could own each and every one.  

Buon appetito!



That's what I've been asking myself the last few days.  What am I going to do?  You know, when all the prints have finally been received, sorted and sent off in their sweet little packages to all the participants.  Then what?

Pretend this is a suggestion box . . . and, you know, make a suggestion.


Fresh Leftovers?

You bet your sweet bippy they are!  And they're still coming through the door.  Coming soon to a printmaker near you!


The Newest Little Leftover Lover . . .

 . . . is hiding under the apron.  His name is Nicholas and he is due very, very soon.  His mom, Tiffany Kimball Santos, was in printing her Leftovers at Wingtip a few weeks back and I got to thinking.  Yeah, I got to thinking, if this exchange really takes off like I envision and becomes an annual thing, it won't be too long before Nick is making his own edition for the exchange.   So  just don't be surprised if some day soon . . . 


The Postman Always Rings Twice

Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman
Wait, wait mister postman

Mister postman look and see
If there's Leftovers in your bag for me
I been waiting such a long time
Since I heard from that print friend of mine

There must be some word today
From my print friends so far away
Please mister postman look and see
If there's Left - leftovers for me
I been standing here waiting mister postman
So patiently
For just a card or just a letter
Saying their  prints are on their wa-ay to me

So many days you passed me by
See the tear standing in my eye
You didn't stop to make me feel better
By leaving me a card or a letter

Please Mr. Postman, look and see
If there's leftovers , oh yeah for me,
I've been waiting, a long long time
Since I've heard from that print friend of mine.

You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta check it and see, one more time for me

Deliver the letter, the sooner the better


You see, I'm still waiting for just a few more sets of prints.  And who better than Vincent and the Beatles to pass this info along.

BTW, I got a photo from MOMA of this VVG masterpiece - up close and personal.

Stale Leftover Peeps

What else can you do when you return home after traveling and there's no food in the house.
Plus I told you it was coming a few weeks ago.  I would've preferred that leftover pasta that I told you about earlier, but the bag of boxed peeps was sitting on the counter and there will be no little kids at my house on Easter Sunday waking early to discover a basketful of Cadbury eggs and peeps.  So I did it; I took that single file row of peeps, plopped them on a plate and pushed them into the microwave.  And here they are just starting to expand.   I know, I took the photo from behind, cuz I just couldn't bear to look them in the eye.

PS.  BTW, my kids never ate the peeps, they hated em actually - and I knew that every time I lovingly placed them on that sparkly cello grass.

Layovers or Leftovers

Made it to the The Whitney to see the 2010 Biennial before I headed to the airport and I have to say I knew it, I just knew it deep down in my bones that my flight would be delayed.  And I was right.   Missed my connecting flight in Minneapolis and arrived too late to even take the slightest bit of advantage of being stuck in my old home town.  And it was nearing midnight and the  flight's peanuts and  cookies didn't cut it and I was starving.  I had eaten lunch in a typical old NY Grill and was tempted by the penne special on the menu. I hadn't had any of the Italian food I had anticipated eating on my visit so it was my last chance.  When it arrived it wasn't at all what I had expected - it was the old fashioned  NY Italian penne - smothered in marinara and covered with a giant pooled glob of melted mozzarella that stretched into long thin strings  connecting my fork to my plate no matter how high I lifted the fork or how many times I twirled it to gather the chains of cheese.

But I gave it my best, though didn't manage to join the clean plate club.   I'll tell ya, though, I sure wished I had it to heat up last night as that gooey cheese would've been the perfect midnight snack of comfort food at the Comfort Inn.


Neither rain, nor sleet nor hail nor snow . . .

When I took my time yesterday morning making my way to MOMA to be there when the doors opened at 11 AM, I had no idea I was going to have to stand in a line that wrapped clear around the big city block and stand in the pouring rain.  But I did it.  And once I got inside and had my ticket and walked into the Picasso print exhibition it was the last thing on my mind despite the fact that my shoes squeaked and sloshed when I walked and I was frozen to the bone.   It was incredible and I spent so much time with my nose as close as it could get to the prints without breaking any museum protocol.

And then of course there were other galleries filled with  Rothkos and Rauschenbergs and Warhols and Motherwells and a good dose of all the art that was ever in any second survey class's section on 20th century art and the Gardner text right before my eyes -  not to mention the Wm. Kentridge exhibition and all of those prints.  Exhausted and overloaded I took a cab to the Neue Museum to see the Otto Dix exhibition including his entire Der Krieg series of prints which was devastatingly riveting!  A few Klimts and my favorite Egon Shiele brightened the sullen mood. Then a late, but delicious lunch in the  Neue's Viennese Cafe  and with an hour and a half to spare, I  dashed to the Guggenheim, braved another queue in the rain and squeaked into this modern ziggerat's exhibitions and then dragged my you know what and about 150 pounds of books to Grand Central to meet my niece.

So, I was wondering . . . do you think Picasso, Dix or Kentridge were ever in a print exchange?


No Room for Leftovers

I didn't have any more room or I would've inhaled the last one  like I did the first three.

See these lovely, luscious little caramels sitting on my laptop? Well, I should say caramel.  About 7 minutes ago there were four of them - 2 dark - 2 milk all for only $10.   But then you should've seen the bag they came in (maybe another post)  I have two hours to spare at O'Hare.  I'm on my way to NYC to see our mini-exhibition of Immigrant Shadows at Ellis Island and an exhibition at MAD entitled Slash: Paper Under the Knife along with as many museums and galleries I can pack in  to 60 some hours.   Gee, when you put it that way, I should probably finish the last one so I have the energy I'll need to hoof it through the city.   I'm staying with my niece, Kimberly, in the East Village.   It's been 10 years since I've been there - I can remember because my sister took me on a cruise for my fiftieth and a that was 10 years ago.

Yikes I'm old!


Here's the scoop

I am just so blown away by the quality of the prints that are landing in the leftover pile.  Yesterday I picked up two sets of prints from two Boise artists that would not call themselves printmakers.  Well, they ARE printmakers, according to the work that has just been added to the LEFTOVER collection, but if you asked them if they were printmakers, they might twist their face a bit . . . cock their head a little and then manage a slight nod.   But gosh and golly, jeepers creepers, holy moly when you see these entries your socks will be flying off, too.

So, when your LEFTOVERS arrive, hold on!


Knocked my socks off!

Here's the deal . . .

I wasn't really sure if this print exchange would take off.  I mean, I liked the idea and pushed it on a lot of people.  I mean I pushed it on a lot of people.  There are some really great artists in Boize'wah and I was assertive.  (Not my usual style, but I stepped up) And, boy oh boy, am I glad I did.

Interested?  I'll fill you in later - you see the hot tub is waiting and that's a whole nother story for a  whole nother day.

Trust me, okay????

(PS - is that a great photo or what?  This is what happens when you google image "knock your socks off")  Serious.  I'm not kidding . . .


Oh Lucy, I'm home!

This is the magnet that graces my refrigerator door!

And this is the leftover packaging that graces my studio floor!

All I can say is, we have the best looking leftovers around.  Still waiting for a few more, but boy oh boy, are they sumpin!


Rumors of a different kind of leftover exchange

I think I mentioned that Matt Bodett and I stopped by Crown Point Press yesterday, but what I forgot to mention was that we each picked up an original sketchbook/journal made out of Crown Point leftovers.  We witnessed one of the master printmakers printing an edition of a small plate on full sized sheets of paper. The print is eventually trimmed down - leaving several strips of blank leftovers.   And those leftovers?  Well, they eventually make their way into sketchbook/journals.   And the covers of the sketchbook/journals are actually rejected prints that get torn down, too.    As we both "oohed" and "aahed" and selected our favorite to purchase, Matt looked at me and said, " Amy, this would be a great exchange idea."   So, I'm just throwing this out there.  Let's just say participants agreed to create 4, maybe 5 small blank books with leftover prints as covers - along with a few signatures of blank paper and they in return would get back that same number of books.   Would anyone be interested?

This, I think,  is the very table that held the stack of sketchbooks! And here's  a crummy  cell phone photo of my book made with beautiful leftover printmaking papers.

It's about 7" square, cost me $20.00 and probably has 30 individual sheets of assorted papers in it.  If you know Matt Bodett, ask to see his.

Today's my last day in SF and I can't wait to get back to all your leftovers.


Taking Home Leftovers

It's true.  I will be taking Leftovers  home with me from San Francisco.  Three of our exchange participants live in the greater Bay Area and we met for dinner last night.  No, I'm not taking leftovers from our dinner back to Boiz-wah, I'm taking their Leftover prints back to Boiz-wah.  And here's a wonderful fact that most of you have probably realized already.
Some of our best friends in life will turn out to be printmakers!  How do I know this?  I know this from experience.  You see, my dinner companions last night all took the same printmaking workshop in Florence with me back in the summer of 2004.   The same workshop that made me decide to go back to school to study printmaking.  And we've all kept in touch.  Of course, the Bay Area gals get to run into each other a bit more often, but nevertheless we've all stayed in touch  because of that common connection.  Don't you just love it??

Now, I'm sorry to say I won't be able to personally pick up everybody's prints - and they are due today.   But, I won't be back in Boise until late tomorrow night, and if I don't have your prints yet, we will figure it all out.   Meanwhile, have a great day and bask in the strength of our wonderful connection to one another!


Leftover Granola

I must be outtamymind!  I'm staying at a hostel here in San Francisco with the BSU MFA and MA students and breakfast is included.   But I wasn't in the mood for a bagel or bread with peanut butter and/or jelly today, so decided to head out this morning for  a lovely little breakfast.   Fresh squeezed orange juice, hot tea served by a handsome waiter and I settled on the granola with banana slices.  

The reason I must be outtamymind is the bill came to $16.46 - for breakfast - and I had leftovers because I couldn't finish it all!   What was I thinking?  Guess tomorrow I'll settle for bagel with the peanut butter and/or jelly and wash my own dishes again.  

But the good news is it fortified me for our  BART trip to Oakland and short hike to Creative Growth - a visionary center for artists with disabilities.  So far, it's been my favorite part of the trip.  Check out their website at www.creativegrowth.org.  

Did I say that was my most favorite part of my trip so far?  Okay, it's tied with a personal tour of Crown Point Press  Matt Bodett and I had this afternoon.   Two more days in the city and I'll be back in Boiz-wah sorting leftovers.  I mean Leftovers!    YAY!


Leftover Peeps

Bought eight dozen peeps the other day.   Yes, I actually like peeps, love them, cruelly nuke them in the microwave to get them big and plump and gooey.   But the eight dozen peeps were not for me.  You see, I agreed to decorate a cowboy hat for the Boys and Girls Club of Ada County.  It's their annual Wild West fundraiser and Kelly Knopp sent out a call to artists to decorate a hat for their centerpieces.  So after wracking my brain for ideas, I settled on peeps.   The auction is the day before Easter, and, let's face it,  peeps have personality.   So I put little peepsize bandanas around all the girl chicks and peepsize black stetsons on all the boy chicks. And no, it's not a piece on the social constructs of gender, because I honestly didn't know if they were girl peeps or boy peeps.   You know, there are pink and blue  and lavender peeps, but I chose the traditional yellow, middle of the why-does-the-chicken-cross-the-road peeps.   A peep is a peep - and I randomly decorated 'em, okay?

Anyway, here's the hat sitting on top of my horse, er Honda.

You know, a peep doesn't weigh anything, barely a whisper.  But I gotta tell you, this is one HEAVY HAT!  And there's still about 30 peeps left  . . .  destined for the microwave . . . one at a time.    Mwahhhhhhhaaaaaaahahahaha!


Can't sleep

For the first time tonight I started to think about what 76 stacks of leftover prints are going to look like. Because, you see,  they are rolling on in to Wingtip!  Man, I'm sure glad I kept the size requirements down.  I mean,  can you even imagine 76 stacks of BIG prints?  Nope, neither can I.  Maybe next year I'll reduce the size down a notch and every year thereafter a little smaller and a little smaller till there are no leftovers at all.  Naw, I want this to go on forever.  A leftover legacy!

'Night, sweet dreams.


Leftover love notes

While goggling leftovers I ran across this little gem.   Now imagine opening your leftovers from the previous nite at your favorite bistro and finding this little gem of a note:

What a nice touch, huh?