Ever notice how food and printing go together?

Well, think about it.   A studio and a kitchen have a lot in common, right?  We use plates, we even have hot plates, we have sinks, we combine a lot of different ingredients - and then we create.   It isn't any wonder then that the May issue of Food and Ink  features some talented studio/kitchen chefs who were willing to share their Leftover recipes!  Run, don't walk, to your newsstand for the latest issue . . .


Heading on Out

Well, the Leftovers are labeled (no expiration dates) and ready to hang on the walls for the Inaugural Symposium of the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance (RMPA)!

Can you say RMPA? (pronouce as rimpah).  Doesn't it just roll right off your tongue? Now say it with some force:  RMPA!  The  Boise Weekly did a delicious article about the Steamrollin' and fine dining that is about to occur in Boise next week!

Check out the article,  Steamroller Printmaking Ready to Roll , and the photo of Jill Fitterer, Boise State's fabulous Printmaking Professor and founder of rrrrrRMPA.


When life gives you leftovers,

then it's time to make lunch!

And that's exactly what you did!  So expect a sort of  "meals on wheels" delivery sometime soon.  Buon appetito!


Please pass the Leftovers . . .

Yup, it's happening.  I guess it was bound to happen, actually.   Because, you see, the demand for Leftovers is growing.   Seems all of your hard work and your commitment to making use of your scraps makes sense all around.   So plan on a few announcements about Leftovers going on the road - maybe even coming soon to a gallery near you!


Sculpture Garden

Thought you might enjoy seeing a relic press (not the printing kind) that you'll find in the "sculpture garden" at Wingtip's soon to be new home!