Patience is a Virtue

It may be a virtue, but I'm just dying to show you the first few Leftovers III submissions.
That's right, I've already received TWO sets of Leftovers.   These definitely aren't the guests you have to worry about showing up late , just when you're serving dessert.  

So, I'm going to indulge myself.  After all, I have to scan them anyway, right?   And then I'm going to give you a reallyquickpeeksodon'tblink, okay?

I'll be at the scanner.  You, I imagine you'll be hanging out near the Leftovers Blog to get a quick glimpse of my next post.

Back in a minute . . . or so

Fear Factor

The fear factor seems to be a great motivator.  Well, at least in the political arena these days, and especially when times are tough.   I found this old WWII poster and thought I'd doctor it up a little for the giggles.   You know, something to get the ball rolling with the dinner guests. 

Though those WWII posters actually made a lot of sense - you know, encouraging people to be more resourceful, not wasteful.   Makes sense to me. 


We've still got more room at the Leftovers Table

Things are heating up in the Leftovers kitchen!  And we're hoping you'll cook up a little somethin' to share.

Servings:  14
Portion Size:   Up to 5 x 7, may be smaller, but no larger please.
Prix Fixe:  $12.00
Feast:  March 15, 2012
RSVP:   Wingtip Press
              info @ wingtippress . com

Buon appetito!


76 Leftovers Led the Big Parade

But 120 is the number we need to beat!  So I'm gonna do a drum roll on this platter as a shout out to at least 50 other printmakers to get 'em to put some Leftovers on the table.  

And, by the way, that's me in WWII poster print below - right next to my adorable partner, Kirk.   Yes, it's so true.  I was built for comfort, not speed.


All the Whos down in Who-ville Like Leftovers A Lot

But the Grinch, who lived just North of Who-ville, did not!

So, whether it's the Grinch or your inner voice saying "oh, I just don't know if I have time to make 14 teeny tiny little Leftover prints by March 15", throw caution to the Grinch  and scrounge in your drawers or lockers or whatever! Pull out some scraps and give yourself over to wild, printmaking abandon to put some Leftovers on the table!  You can do it, I know you can!


Vitamin Donuts?

Stumbled across this old ad and had to shake my head at how gullible consumers can be.  Fortified donuts, huh? With a minimum of 25 units of Vitamin B1.  Uh-huh.    Betcha there were no leftover donuts in those households. 

Well, we here at Wingtip are hoping everyone has the benefit of having leftovers - whether they're donuts or dolmas, drumsticks or dumplin's!   

And we're hoping you'll be creating some fine fortified prints for the Leftovers III exchange.
We'll share the wealth, have some fun and help the Hunger Relief Task Force fight some hunger along the way.

Let there be Leftovers!

A Golden Oldie

Inspired by an earlier L/O post and the amazing Paul Simon, we're celebrating 50 participants signed up for L/O III so far!

The problem is all inside your head
She said to me
The answer is easy if you
Take it logically
I'd like to help you in your struggle
To be free
There must be fifty ways
To make leftovers.

Slip 'em in the ferric, Eric
Make a new plate, Nate
The prints will be great, Kate
Just get yourself free

Don't sign with a pen, Jen
We need some more men, Ben!
Tear with the grain, Jane
Just get yourself free

Put the paper to soak, Polk
Wipe your plate off, Hoff
That's how it goes, Rose
Just get them to me


Faster than a speeding bullet!

More powerful than a locomotive.  Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound.  Look! Up in the sky.  It's a bird . . . it's a plane . . .

No, it's Leftovers!

It's true! The first Leftovers flew into the mail today . . . all the way from North Carolina!

Who'll be next?


We're looking for your Leftovers!

Yup, we're looking for your leftover scraps of paper to make a good impression!   Go ahead, clean out your flatfiles, find some scraps of luscious leftover paper no larger than 5" x 7" and make an edition of fourteen prints.  

See! It's easy.  Then send those prints off to Wingtip Press, we'll sort 'em and send you a random dozen of prints, keep one for traveling exhibitions and use the leftover 14th print to raise funds to relieve hunger.

Sound good?  We think so.  It's that leftover time of year, so get crackin'



Won't you please think about joining us in Leftovers III?


It's that time again!

Can you believe it?  Me, either!  But it's that time a year again, and who knew?  Wingtip Press is announcing it's 3rd annual Leftover Print Exchange.  Here's the scoop!  And please invite your friends to join us in this remarkable feast.

Please join us!   I promise some fun along the way and will do my best to serve up our Leftovers in exhibitions.  I promise!


Come join us for the feast!

It's official!  The Leftover II prints are hanging at Boise's Sockeye Grill for our first ever Leftovers Silent Auction.   And the proceeds are going to the Idaho Hunger Relief Task Force.
The bids are coming in and will close on Monday, December 5 at 6:00 PM.   If you're in the area, you can stop by for a pint, bid on a print and know that somebody, somewhere in Idaho, will have the benefit of the Hunger Relief Task Force working on their behalf.  Now, isn't that what it's all about?  Making room at the table for everyone.   Wingtip thinks so.  And we're so proud we have all of your lovely leftovers to share and make a difference. 

May you always - and evermore - have Leftovers!


The Official Silent Auction Poster by Katarzyna Cepek

And if you are checking in to preview the auction items, scroll on down to the June posts!


I know, I knowiknowiknowiknow . . .

I know!  Last year,  when I invited all you Leftover participants to make 14 prints, I said  the 14th print of your edition would be used to raise funds for  folks who don't have the benefit of wondering what to do with leftovers.   And I really, and truly, thought that by early November 2011 I would be able to say that funds raised from the sale of the prints would be in the hands of the folks that make sure that happens.

To be honest, I also thought that Wingtip Press would be in a commercial space by now and we would have hosted this event.  But that just wasn't meant to be. HOWEVER, the GOOD news is, we found a venue that is very excited to be our host for this event.  So stand by as the gay-la-la is unfolding as I write:  We're planning a silent auction at THEE local brew pub!  They serve up great food, great fun and stellar brews - and they LOVE art!!  So we'll be raising  funds to do the best we can to make a difference and spread the Leftover Love.

Stay tuned!


On the Road Again

The Leftovers are on the road again, headed west from Wisconsin.   Watch for them along the way through Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and back to Boise.  And don't worry, they'll stay fresh on this reefer!


That time again?

Almost!   We're just about a month away before we really have to start thinking about Leftovers III.   Let's see, that's time for everyone to be in their respective places for Thanksgiving dinner.  THEN, we can start thinking about Leftovers

I'll be back with the details once the tupperware, baggies, saran wrap and foil come out.

See ya soon!


The Holman Kornfest

"Where," Dwight asked, "is the Holman Kornfest?"

"Funny, you should ask," Gretchen said, as she carefully arranged the assortment of leftovers for the upcoming banquet.

"Does it have anything to do with the Beer, Wine or Cheese Festival? Or Dairy Days?  Yes, that's it, Dairy Days!   I remember having creamed corn when I was a kid," Dwight recollected.

"Oh!" Gretchen smiled, her lips forming an upturned crescent moon, her eyes slowly closing as she luxuriated in her recollection of  the simple pleasure of the delicious burst of freshly shucked  corn and rich, warm, sweet cream butter. "The HOLMAN KORNFest!  It's all coming back! And who could forget  Weinerfest and Cranberry Fest and, OMG, the Sparta Butterfest?" she exclaimed.  "What I wouldn't give to be back  in LaCrosse, Wisconsin."

Well, to tell  the truth, I don't know if Dwight or Gretchen will make it back, but our Leftovers are going to take their rightful place in the land of Kornfest, Weinerfest, Cranberry Fest, Butterfest and Cheese, Beer and Wine Fest  at the University of Wisconsin -  La Crosse. In fact, we'll be packing  up  this magnificent moveable feast in the next few days to send them on their way.

So, if you've been dreaming of Leftovers from days past, then head to the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse for Leftover Fest!

We're Leftovers II and we're on our way to LaCrosse Wisconsin!


Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven . . . you get the picture

This is it!    They're finally all here on the blog:

Clark Barker, Colorado
5 x 7

Marjorie Bascom, Texas
Brain Cutting
5 x 7

Serena Van Vrenken, Oregon
3 x 5

Melissa Chambers, Idaho
5 x 7

Mike Chambers
Saint's Chair
4 x 7

Adriana Luna, Missouri
Night Cycles
5 x 7

Gail Everett, Oregon
4.5 x 4.5

PennyLea Mackey
Feng Shui Cure for Relationships
5 x 5

Lori Dean Dement, British Columbia
Macrolepiata Excoriata
5 x 7
Jessica Hetchler, Wisconsin
All in the Family 
5 x 7

Well, I didn't plan that - to end up having the last print be "All in the Family."   But that's how it wraps up,  with all the prints in the Leftover family.  Now, wouldn't it be just the real deal to sit down with your table mates?  I'd like that.

May you always have Leftovers and room at the table!


PS:  A big gigantic Leftover round of applause for your fellow diner, Daniel Mortensen, for all his help with the photography!  Hip Hip Hooray!


Okay, so I probably need a style guide

I'm afraid not every entry title is fully capitalized, there are extra spaces between some of the images, or I've listed print sizes inaccurately or worst of all, misspelled a name!   As I post them, I find the original and then marvel at  how wonderful they are.  And then I tend to get distracted again, enjoying the print like I did when I first opened it when it arrived at Wingtip.  And you can see why I get distracted, right?  They are extraordinary little Leftovers, every one of them!

And it won't be long - this post and one more and they will all be there for you to marvel at, too! Oh, and please feel free to post a comment if I've boo-b00'd about the details, and I'll get right on it!

Erica Deshner Cornwall, Idaho
Leftover Swans II
5 x 7

Sarah Higley, Wisconsin
Hatchet Reduction 1
5 x 7

Jennifer Manning Gilbraith, Idaho
You Are . . .
1.5 x 7

Glenn Stevens, Georgia
Flight of the Wasp
5 x 7

Laura Beach, California
Fog Lift
5 x 5

Denise Lauerman, Idaho
5 x 7

 Michael LeBlanc
You're a Monster
4 x 6

Brianna Asche, Massachusetts
Untitled (Assorted)
3 x 3.5

Jennifer Reed, Georgia
Spoiled Cake
4 x 7

Fawn Atencio, Colorado
Leftovers 93 (Assorted)
5 x 7

On the home stretch

Won't be too long before you've seen 'em all.  Then you'll have to go back and look again.
Plus it's never too early to start thinkin' about next years Leftovers.  Uh-huh!

Lisa Cheney Jorgensen, Idaho
5 x 7

Daniel Williams, North Carolina
Apollo and Daphne
5 x 7

James LaMarche, Idaho
8th Street Theatre
5 x 7

Maria Carmen Gambliel
5 x 7

Josie Newton, Idaho
Cordials 1100 Fahrenheit
5 x 7

Mary Donato, Idaho
5 x 7

Shirley McCarter, Idaho
5 x 7

Claudia Hershman, Michigan
Climb Up (Assorted)
4 x 7

Alison Wilson, Singapore
5 x 7

Marianne Konvalinka, Idaho
Untitled (Assorted)
5 x 7


Good chefs at work!

Mmmmmm-mmm-mmmmmmmmmm!  Delish!   Please feel free to share your recipes in the comments.  We'd all like to know which process you've used to create these amazing Leftovers.

Taylor Ayn Kraft, Colorado
5 x 7

Paula Cuevas, Colorado
Yarn Drawings
4 x 5

Cassandra Schiffler, Idaho
Leftovers II
3 x 5

Jules Floss, North Carolina
6 x 6

Hector Hernandez, Washington
5 x 7

Cody St. Arnold, Colorado
8.5 x 11 (4.25 x 5.5 shown)

Lynn Webster, Florida
4 x 5

Marissa Buschow, Kentucky
4 x 6

Eleanor Erskine,  Oregon
Winter 2011
5 x 7

Kathryn Polk, Arizona
The Art of Persuasion
5 x 7