Did I mention

that Leftovers is headed to Oxbow Press and Gallery in Reno as soon as it's done in Salt Lake.  Hahahahahaha!  It's true!   "On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again" . . . sang the saucy little leftovers.

Now you outtatowners, you know who you are.   Your prints are on their way.  I have only a few more packages to get posted.  And you local yokel leftover lovers?  Well, you're most likely getting your Leftovers hand delivered with a slice of leftover cake.  Local yokel leftover cake lover logistics to follow.



He'll be knocking on your door soon!

Took a stack of leftovers to the UPS store as well as the USPS today.  One way or another you will be getting your prints soon.  

Is this the same guy or am I imagining things?   Well, he should be knocking soon, but I can't tell you what he'll be wearing.


Having a wonderful time, wish you were here

It takes a lot to pull off a Leftover Feast, but last night, with the help of April, Deb, Lisa and Katherine we prepped a 12 course meal for 62 fine diners!  


Shaving the Leftovers?

No, I won't be shaving the leftovers, I'll be collating THEE Leftovers tomorrow night.  I have 59 sets of Leftovers stashed in the fridge, and am expecting two more sets by the end of day tomorrow.  And I'm really wishing I had made sixty some prints so I could own each and every one.  

Buon appetito!



That's what I've been asking myself the last few days.  What am I going to do?  You know, when all the prints have finally been received, sorted and sent off in their sweet little packages to all the participants.  Then what?

Pretend this is a suggestion box . . . and, you know, make a suggestion.


Fresh Leftovers?

You bet your sweet bippy they are!  And they're still coming through the door.  Coming soon to a printmaker near you!


The Newest Little Leftover Lover . . .

 . . . is hiding under the apron.  His name is Nicholas and he is due very, very soon.  His mom, Tiffany Kimball Santos, was in printing her Leftovers at Wingtip a few weeks back and I got to thinking.  Yeah, I got to thinking, if this exchange really takes off like I envision and becomes an annual thing, it won't be too long before Nick is making his own edition for the exchange.   So  just don't be surprised if some day soon . . . 


The Postman Always Rings Twice

Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman
Wait, wait mister postman

Mister postman look and see
If there's Leftovers in your bag for me
I been waiting such a long time
Since I heard from that print friend of mine

There must be some word today
From my print friends so far away
Please mister postman look and see
If there's Left - leftovers for me
I been standing here waiting mister postman
So patiently
For just a card or just a letter
Saying their  prints are on their wa-ay to me

So many days you passed me by
See the tear standing in my eye
You didn't stop to make me feel better
By leaving me a card or a letter

Please Mr. Postman, look and see
If there's leftovers , oh yeah for me,
I've been waiting, a long long time
Since I've heard from that print friend of mine.

You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta wait a minute, wait a minute
You gotta check it and see, one more time for me

Deliver the letter, the sooner the better


You see, I'm still waiting for just a few more sets of prints.  And who better than Vincent and the Beatles to pass this info along.

BTW, I got a photo from MOMA of this VVG masterpiece - up close and personal.

Stale Leftover Peeps

What else can you do when you return home after traveling and there's no food in the house.
Plus I told you it was coming a few weeks ago.  I would've preferred that leftover pasta that I told you about earlier, but the bag of boxed peeps was sitting on the counter and there will be no little kids at my house on Easter Sunday waking early to discover a basketful of Cadbury eggs and peeps.  So I did it; I took that single file row of peeps, plopped them on a plate and pushed them into the microwave.  And here they are just starting to expand.   I know, I took the photo from behind, cuz I just couldn't bear to look them in the eye.

PS.  BTW, my kids never ate the peeps, they hated em actually - and I knew that every time I lovingly placed them on that sparkly cello grass.

Layovers or Leftovers

Made it to the The Whitney to see the 2010 Biennial before I headed to the airport and I have to say I knew it, I just knew it deep down in my bones that my flight would be delayed.  And I was right.   Missed my connecting flight in Minneapolis and arrived too late to even take the slightest bit of advantage of being stuck in my old home town.  And it was nearing midnight and the  flight's peanuts and  cookies didn't cut it and I was starving.  I had eaten lunch in a typical old NY Grill and was tempted by the penne special on the menu. I hadn't had any of the Italian food I had anticipated eating on my visit so it was my last chance.  When it arrived it wasn't at all what I had expected - it was the old fashioned  NY Italian penne - smothered in marinara and covered with a giant pooled glob of melted mozzarella that stretched into long thin strings  connecting my fork to my plate no matter how high I lifted the fork or how many times I twirled it to gather the chains of cheese.

But I gave it my best, though didn't manage to join the clean plate club.   I'll tell ya, though, I sure wished I had it to heat up last night as that gooey cheese would've been the perfect midnight snack of comfort food at the Comfort Inn.