Five Years!

It was the day after Thanksgiving in 2009 when we were cleaning out the flatfiles, finding all those remnants of beautiful paper when the idea and title for Leftovers came to mind. The day after Thanksgiving is pretty much always about the leftovers.  In fact, NPR did two stories today about what to do with all those luscious tidbits and morsels from the traditional Thanksgiving feast. So, it seems appropriate that  today, Black Friday - the day invented by retailers to seduce consumers to their stores with "this day only" discounts - we decided to get out of the studio (and kitchen) and head downtown to Macy's. But not for Black Friday shopping. Oh no.  We gathered a crew of local leftover printmakers together for installing the exhibition set of Leftovers IV in the Macy's windows so all those Black Friday shoppers can see what's up at Wingtip Press. We're hoping they'll be enticed to stop by next week to participate in our Silent Auction for Hunger Relief.



Found this image from a blogpost a few years back and it seems so appropriate to share, especially for all of us US of A Leftover Lovers as we move into what's known as our Thanksgiving four day week-end.  We're all busy buying the groceries and pulling out the old family recipes with the relic "scratch and sniff" spatters of batter or oil or fingerprints stuck to them, hoping that we can re-create a splendid memory of family and thankfulness while our electronic devices are summoning, and the onceinalifetime Black Friday deals or TGIThanksgiving sales beckon.

So this simple poster or WWII propaganda reminds of what consumerism COULD be all about.

They had the right idea back then.