Let them eat cake!

Leftover wedding cake!

Went to the post office just minutes ago to ship off the 120 luscious little leftovers to New Zealand for our exhibition at Wharepuke Gallery.  While I was filling out the paperwork the postman asked me if  I would mind if he used some leftover sixty four cent stamps to cover the postage.   "Sure, why not,"  I replied.  "What have you got?"   Imagine my surprise when he took out a stack of stamps with wedding cakes on them. So, New Zealand, that package with 45 little leftover wedding cake stamps plastered all over is really, most sincerely sent with love from US to you!



One of the things we like to do at Wingtip is offer Workshops.   In fact, since we opened, we've had nearly a g'zillion workshops.  And what I like about 'em the most is we somehow manage to get the best and the brightest to do the teaching.   I posted a new one today on facebook and then I got to thinking.  Why in the heck would we call them a workshop?   I mean really, when you're doing what you love, it's not work!  It's FUN, it's PLAY.

So I need your help.

Should we call them Funshops?
Should we call them Playshops?
Should we call them "Laughingyouryouknowwhatoffandmakingcoolstuffshops?

At any rate, why not all of the above!  And if any of you Leftover Lovin' printmaking types ever want to offer a Funshop, or a reasonable facsimile at Wingtip, we'll put the light on for you!  Now what could be cooler than that?

What a Swell Day

Before Leftovers, this time of year used to be the worst for me.  Winter getting old, waiting for spring.  And in Idaho, we have these things called inversions.  Think of the cartoon  character with a string attached to a heavy gray cloud.  That's an inversion.  Cold, colorless days.  And they can last forever if the weather is right.   But since Leftovers, I barely notice.  You see your prints start arriving just about the time I start getting really sick of winter.   And lately they've started coming every day.  Yesterday I got my first ever package from New Zealand - and Missouri!

Today was a bright sunny day.  The afternoon was almost balmy.   And besides the thrill of looking forward to getting another fresh package of Leftovers in the mail, I had the pleasure of meeting my friend, first time Leftover participant and your table companion, for coffee this morning.  And I received her extraordinary prints in person.

Then after teaching printmaking to a great group of 6th graders (we made collagraphs), I had a date with two printmakers at Wingtip where they printed their Leftovers.  It was a picture perfect printmaking day! 


Heavens, NO

I haven't been ignoring you.   So I have a little treat. MMMM, hmmm!  

I'm going to show you one of the Leftovers that arrived in the mail the other day. No, I'm not going to spill the beans, just let you share the same awe I felt when I opened the envelope from your table companion from Arizona!

Whaddyathink?  Nice surprise, huh?   And you oughtta see the prints inside.

Now, for another little tidbit.  You likely know that I'm shipping off the Leftovers II this week to Wharepuke Gallery in Kerikeri,  New Zealand.  But, what you didn't know is we've decided to make this a regular affair!  Yes, that means that Leftovers III will be traveling to NZ, too!
Now, if any of you have any other ideas of where we can take this feast, fill me in!  Oh, the places we'll go!


Earl Silas Tupper

Uh-huh.  That was a photo of Earl Silas Tupper in my last post.  He's the genius that developed Tupperware and in 1951 began marketing it through home parties.  I'm old enough to remember a little jingle about "my tupperware lady . . .  dadadadah daht da!"

And, according to my google search:

Today, a Tupperware demonstration begins approximately every two seconds some place in the world with yearly net sales exceeding $1.2 billion!!!!"

Now, THAT is a lotta Leftovers!

And speaking of a lotta leftovers, we're up to 157 Leftovers III participants so far, and, I've got to admit,  it's beginning to feel like a bit of a balancing act . . .

But, just think of the magnificent smorgasbord ahead!   Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


Can you identify this man?

Well, I'll give you a clue!  He made one of the greatest contributions to leftovers the free world has ever seen!   In fact,  on Super Bowl Sunday, when the last of the fans turn off the tube and scrape their leftover guacamole, salsa, artichoke dip and hummus into his invention (and burp the lids) they'll silently acknowledge this leftover genius!

Of course, at Wingtip Press, we're totally ignoring Super Bowl Sunday.  Yup, we've decided to celebrate the clash of paper and ink by hosting Super Print Sunday.  And on Monday evening, when all the sports fans have left is some leftover guac  and the sports page, we'll have a handful of handprinted Valentines.

Rah! Rah! Siskoombah!