A Little Bird Told Us

You might like to know the details of the Leftovers Print Exchange. You'll find our Leftovers V submission form below. We'll send you a copy of this when you register your participation by emailing us at info@wingtippress.com

We hope you'll join us!
Print by Daniel Mortensen

Leftovers V Print Exchange Submission Form

Artist submits 14 prints and will receive 12 prints in return. One print will be reserved for exhibitions and one print reserved for auction to support the Hunger Relief Task Force.

DEADLINE: Prints to be postmarked no later than April 15, 2014

Mail to:     Wingtip Press 
                  500 South 8th Street
                  Boise, ID  83702   USA

Mailing Address: 
Artist’s e-mail:    
Title of Print:        

Check list

   I have emailed an RSVP to: info@wingtippress.com
   I have included 14 original hand pulled prints up to 5” x 7”   
       (paper size not to exceed 5” x 7” – image size up to artist)
   I have signed and numbered my prints
   I have included contact info, location (State or Country) and printmaking
       process on the back of each print. Please do not include loose business
       cards, adhere to back of each print if included
  I have enclosed a US Bank check or cash for $20 or I have paid by PayPal   
       to: info@wingtippress.com
  I have included this submission form


It's That Time Again

Yes, it's time to announce Leftovers V!

Email info@wingtippress.com to register and receive the registration document.  We're looking forward to our fifth year of enjoying your Leftovers.


We ought to be in pictures

And we are! We've been so lucky with good press the last few days. Our major newspaper, the Idaho Statesman wrote an article about our auction and included a photo of the print by Kam Kelley of Boise.
And, they called Wingtip Press one of the coolest places in downtown Boise.  And if that wasn't enough, we got the cover of the Boise Weekly today. The Weekly is our Arts magazine and they feature local artist's work on the cover each week.  They had a hard time just picking one and ended up with a composite of 8 prints.  Here it is! And congratulations to Meredith Buschow of Texas, Mary Donato of Boise, Idaho, Sandy Craig of Wales, Jennifer Mecham of Carey, Idaho, Alex Wonder of Boise, Idaho, Beth Layton of Boise, Idaho, Lisa Flowers Ross of Boise, Idaho and Kyoko Imazu of Australia!

You make us look good!