Good Press

Hmmm, what is "good press?"  Well, I suppose this could be considered a good press.  Good enough to sit alongside a canal in Wales to be photographed by a tourist on a longboat last July.  It's actually an old relic wringer - or Welsh Wrelic Wringer!  Many of which have been converted to presses for printmaking phanatics.  (Humor me, I'm having fun with these alliterations!)

But to tell the truth, "Good Press" to Wingtip and our Leftover exchange is turning up on blogs throughout the country!  Here's another one that you might like to visit . . . 

Thanks, Serena, for the GOOD PRESS!


When it Rains it Pours

Leftover Blogmania!   

Leftovers are turning up on our portfolio pal's blogs!

A local Boise artist has referenced our wonderful exchange in her January 10th entry to her blog .  You'll find some great photos of her process.  Be sure to spend some time enjoying her others great posts, too.  And if you've mentioned us on your blog or seen us on other blogs, give me a heads up.

Boun appetito!


To Borrow a New Favorite Line

Leftovers = Creative Nutrition

I'm borrowing the line from one of this year's  Leftovers artists. She has written a contributing post  on the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen blog about this exchange and that's the title she gave she gave the entry!  Seems the idea of creating something from scraps freed her up to just cut loose.  And not only did she have some fun, she discovered a successful new process.  Oh, I love these success stories.

So you wanna see who wrote the post?  You wanna even see her print?  I know some of you are just dying to get a sneak preview of the  Leftovers that are turning up.

Here's the  blog

Buon appetito!


Just wondering

Do you suppose Willem Kalf ate the leftovers when he was done painting?  No wonder he was such a talented still life painter!


The Word is Out!

To be honest, I was holding my breath when I suggested that I wanted to exceed 100 participants in this leftover potluck!  But we did it - and there's still room for more and there's still time!  Especially if you're as prolific as your fellow printmakers from Connecticut and North Carolina whose prints have already arrived at Wingtip and are creating quite a stir among the Wingtip crowd.

By the way, that's me in the black, eavesdropping on a call.   Okay, that's a fib - but it could've been. And, let's face it - the hair isn't right to be the 70's!  But I did actually work on a switchboard in the early 70's during my summer breaks.  Honest . . .


If printmaking is about multiples,

then Leftovers is on the right track!

We have several editions:

 5 Amys (one Amie)
2 Erins
2 Ericas
2 Laurens
2 Lisas
3 Michaels
2 Nancys
2 Pams

and over 90 Monotypes - if you get my drift


These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Mussels, I love 'em.  But they really don't make the best leftovers.  Sad, but true.

Eric Heckel   In de Muschelstube II (In the Shellfish Room II, 1916 


Love is a Many Splendored Thing

and so are Leftovers!

Spread the Love!

Prints:  14 - must include a hand process
Paper Size:  Up to 5" x 7" - can be smaller, but NO larger please!
Cost:  $12.00
Due Date:  March 15, 2011

To sign up email Amy at info@wingtippress.com


But Wait! There's More

Yup, two more - and guess where they're from?  The United Kingdom! - Here's an old WWII poster to welcome them aboard!

Yes,  they're joining me in telling the men it's time to enlist in Leftovers!
It could happen.


Oops! That's a Typo!

It should say, "Preserve Perishable PAPER!"  and then below the pile of produce -
"If you have a flatfile, you ought to make prints"
Or something like that.


100 divided by 14 equals 12

Okay, so it doesn't make sense mathematically!  We're shooting for 100 participants in this Leftover game.   You make 14 prints and get a random dozen back.  "How come, I only get a dozen?" you ask.  Well, that's so we have one exhibition copy and one set to donate to a group that supports those in need.

Forgot the details?  Or just now considering?

Using leftover scraps of paper that you've saved knowing someday you'll have a use for them (and the time is now) create the following:

Prints:  14 (must include a hand process)
Paper Size:  Up to 5" x 7" - can be smaller, but NO larger please!
Cost:  $12.00
Due Date:  March 15, 2011

Please let me know if you're interested by emailing me at info@wingtippress.com


Just What Exactly is a Leftover?

Just what exactly is a leftover?  

As our exchange continues to grow (from Afghanistan to Australia and places in between) I realize I haven't been specific enough for some of you deep thinkers out there!   

Last year when I found all those scraps of leftover Stonehenge, Rives, Lana, etc, I envisioned each of you digging in your drawers for similar scraps, tearing them to a common size and creating a small edition of prints inspired by the word "leftovers."   Well, some of our participants were much more conceptual than that and actually found some fabulous leftover prints, tore them down to a common size and then added a common element to create a varied edition.

Hope that helps!   Now get to work.


Happy New Year!

Okay, I'm a few days late.  Which is a shame, as I've been holding on to this 1917 Max Beckman drypoint to post for a long time.  It's titled Prosit Neujahr  (Happy New Year).

By the way, we're still shooting for 100 participants and we're getting closer day by day, so spread the word!

Here's a New Year's wish for you,

May all your prints dry flat, may your ink never skin, and may your tear bar never slip!