Good Press

Hmmm, what is "good press?"  Well, I suppose this could be considered a good press.  Good enough to sit alongside a canal in Wales to be photographed by a tourist on a longboat last July.  It's actually an old relic wringer - or Welsh Wrelic Wringer!  Many of which have been converted to presses for printmaking phanatics.  (Humor me, I'm having fun with these alliterations!)

But to tell the truth, "Good Press" to Wingtip and our Leftover exchange is turning up on blogs throughout the country!  Here's another one that you might like to visit . . . 

Thanks, Serena, for the GOOD PRESS!

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  1. Thank you Amy!
    The above picture reminds me of helping my grandma with laundry in the early 1970's. She still had the wringer machine that smashed the water out! I was always afraid for my fingers! :)