When it Rains it Pours

Leftover Blogmania!   

Leftovers are turning up on our portfolio pal's blogs!

A local Boise artist has referenced our wonderful exchange in her January 10th entry to her blog .  You'll find some great photos of her process.  Be sure to spend some time enjoying her others great posts, too.  And if you've mentioned us on your blog or seen us on other blogs, give me a heads up.

Boun appetito!


  1. Her's look really fun! and much different than I expected. I really can't wait to see all the results you get!

    I'm digging out my scrap paper tomorrow in preparation! Still haven't finalized the design. I'm also trying to decide between lino and drypoint! if you have a preference, or are heavy one one let me know!

  2. The process is up to you! Have fun!

  3. I posted the "Leftovers" exchange project on my blog as well, hoping others would join in the fun and use this as an opportunity to put that studio surplus to good use.

  4. I really appreciate your post