The Official Silent Auction Poster by Katarzyna Cepek

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I know, I knowiknowiknowiknow . . .

I know!  Last year,  when I invited all you Leftover participants to make 14 prints, I said  the 14th print of your edition would be used to raise funds for  folks who don't have the benefit of wondering what to do with leftovers.   And I really, and truly, thought that by early November 2011 I would be able to say that funds raised from the sale of the prints would be in the hands of the folks that make sure that happens.

To be honest, I also thought that Wingtip Press would be in a commercial space by now and we would have hosted this event.  But that just wasn't meant to be. HOWEVER, the GOOD news is, we found a venue that is very excited to be our host for this event.  So stand by as the gay-la-la is unfolding as I write:  We're planning a silent auction at THEE local brew pub!  They serve up great food, great fun and stellar brews - and they LOVE art!!  So we'll be raising  funds to do the best we can to make a difference and spread the Leftover Love.

Stay tuned!