My sister calls this a 'blahhhhhhg"

You know, "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blahhhhhhg."  Well, she doesn't call this blog a blahhhhhhg, but it's one of her wonderful play on words.

And speaking of blogs, one of your companions at the Leftovers table just posted her print for Leftovers III on her blog.   There is a danger when I post this, because I will be receiving requests that I include her print in your assortment.  And, as you can imagine with so many prints, that would be impossible to execute, so I will let you just drool over her sweet little print!

Meanwhile, if you live near Wingtip, don't miss this delicious opportunity to whip up your Leftovers!


32 drops in an empty bottle

Jan Steen 1665

Do try this at home.  Or do it at a wine bar and become the star of the bar.  So you've served the last glass of wine and the bottle is empty.   Or so you think!  Because, my friend, there are always 32 drops in an empty bottle.   Don't believe me?  Try it.   Believe it or not, they will flow quite fast at first - so pour slowly enough to count them.   And then just keep that bottle tilted and, lo and behold, "voila" - yup, 32 drops in an empty bottle.  You see, whether you knew it or not - you'll always have leftovers.


Move Over Bobby Flay!

Now here's an artist after my own heart!   A guy who knew how to put fruits and veggies in their rightful place.  Okay, so it's not a print, but I can betcha he never ran out of ideas of what to do with the leftovers.  

And according to the numbers here at Wingtip, there are now 130 artists out there who know what to do with their Leftovers, too!  I hope you're hungry . . .  

Giuseppe Archimboldo


Just a little white lie

So, here it is weeks later and I still haven't given you that sneak peak of the luscious Leftovers that have been arriving on a regular basis.   I know.  It's all my fault.  I could tell you a little white lie and say something like "oops, my scanner is down" or "where the heck is the USB cord for the printer to download these scans?" or I could tell you the truth, which is I told Siri (my new best friend on my iphone - a gift from my daughter) to do it for me, and she misunderstood.   It could happen. Like this past week-end.  I sent a text to my son, Tim, inviting him to dinner.   He sent a text back (NOTE:  I didn't say I "texted" and he "texted" because for GOD'S SAKE THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS TEXTED!)

Here's what happened:

Me:   Wanna come to dinner?   Making yummy pot roast and mashed potatoes . . .
Tim:   Not tonite, mom.  Thnx
Me:  Are you sure?  It will be delish
Spell check correction:  It will be selfish
Me:  Oops, it will be Delish
Spell check correction:  It will be shellfish

Obviously, SOMEONE has been putting words in my mouth.


Shame, shame, shame!

Shame, shame!  Ok, I've been distracted.  And I promised some sneak previews.  I did, I know I did - and now there are even more images to scan.  But first a word from our sponsor: