Just a little white lie

So, here it is weeks later and I still haven't given you that sneak peak of the luscious Leftovers that have been arriving on a regular basis.   I know.  It's all my fault.  I could tell you a little white lie and say something like "oops, my scanner is down" or "where the heck is the USB cord for the printer to download these scans?" or I could tell you the truth, which is I told Siri (my new best friend on my iphone - a gift from my daughter) to do it for me, and she misunderstood.   It could happen. Like this past week-end.  I sent a text to my son, Tim, inviting him to dinner.   He sent a text back (NOTE:  I didn't say I "texted" and he "texted" because for GOD'S SAKE THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS TEXTED!)

Here's what happened:

Me:   Wanna come to dinner?   Making yummy pot roast and mashed potatoes . . .
Tim:   Not tonite, mom.  Thnx
Me:  Are you sure?  It will be delish
Spell check correction:  It will be selfish
Me:  Oops, it will be Delish
Spell check correction:  It will be shellfish

Obviously, SOMEONE has been putting words in my mouth.

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