To Borrow a New Favorite Line

Leftovers = Creative Nutrition

I'm borrowing the line from one of this year's  Leftovers artists. She has written a contributing post  on the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen blog about this exchange and that's the title she gave she gave the entry!  Seems the idea of creating something from scraps freed her up to just cut loose.  And not only did she have some fun, she discovered a successful new process.  Oh, I love these success stories.

So you wanna see who wrote the post?  You wanna even see her print?  I know some of you are just dying to get a sneak preview of the  Leftovers that are turning up.

Here's the  blog

Buon appetito!


  1. Hi! Just one minor correction. The blog is the blog of the PA Guild of Craftsmen for which I am a contributor. Thanks for posting the link. Diane (AnniePod)

  2. Thanks so much! I will amend it right away.