The Word is Out!

To be honest, I was holding my breath when I suggested that I wanted to exceed 100 participants in this leftover potluck!  But we did it - and there's still room for more and there's still time!  Especially if you're as prolific as your fellow printmakers from Connecticut and North Carolina whose prints have already arrived at Wingtip and are creating quite a stir among the Wingtip crowd.

By the way, that's me in the black, eavesdropping on a call.   Okay, that's a fib - but it could've been. And, let's face it - the hair isn't right to be the 70's!  But I did actually work on a switchboard in the early 70's during my summer breaks.  Honest . . .

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  1. Wow, people are done already!? I haven't done more than think about maybe which paper to use, and that only for 30 seconds at a time...