What a Swell Day

Before Leftovers, this time of year used to be the worst for me.  Winter getting old, waiting for spring.  And in Idaho, we have these things called inversions.  Think of the cartoon  character with a string attached to a heavy gray cloud.  That's an inversion.  Cold, colorless days.  And they can last forever if the weather is right.   But since Leftovers, I barely notice.  You see your prints start arriving just about the time I start getting really sick of winter.   And lately they've started coming every day.  Yesterday I got my first ever package from New Zealand - and Missouri!

Today was a bright sunny day.  The afternoon was almost balmy.   And besides the thrill of looking forward to getting another fresh package of Leftovers in the mail, I had the pleasure of meeting my friend, first time Leftover participant and your table companion, for coffee this morning.  And I received her extraordinary prints in person.

Then after teaching printmaking to a great group of 6th graders (we made collagraphs), I had a date with two printmakers at Wingtip where they printed their Leftovers.  It was a picture perfect printmaking day! 

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