Stale Leftover Peeps

What else can you do when you return home after traveling and there's no food in the house.
Plus I told you it was coming a few weeks ago.  I would've preferred that leftover pasta that I told you about earlier, but the bag of boxed peeps was sitting on the counter and there will be no little kids at my house on Easter Sunday waking early to discover a basketful of Cadbury eggs and peeps.  So I did it; I took that single file row of peeps, plopped them on a plate and pushed them into the microwave.  And here they are just starting to expand.   I know, I took the photo from behind, cuz I just couldn't bear to look them in the eye.

PS.  BTW, my kids never ate the peeps, they hated em actually - and I knew that every time I lovingly placed them on that sparkly cello grass.

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