Okay, so I probably need a style guide

I'm afraid not every entry title is fully capitalized, there are extra spaces between some of the images, or I've listed print sizes inaccurately or worst of all, misspelled a name!   As I post them, I find the original and then marvel at  how wonderful they are.  And then I tend to get distracted again, enjoying the print like I did when I first opened it when it arrived at Wingtip.  And you can see why I get distracted, right?  They are extraordinary little Leftovers, every one of them!

And it won't be long - this post and one more and they will all be there for you to marvel at, too! Oh, and please feel free to post a comment if I've boo-b00'd about the details, and I'll get right on it!

Erica Deshner Cornwall, Idaho
Leftover Swans II
5 x 7

Sarah Higley, Wisconsin
Hatchet Reduction 1
5 x 7

Jennifer Manning Gilbraith, Idaho
You Are . . .
1.5 x 7

Glenn Stevens, Georgia
Flight of the Wasp
5 x 7

Laura Beach, California
Fog Lift
5 x 5

Denise Lauerman, Idaho
5 x 7

 Michael LeBlanc
You're a Monster
4 x 6

Brianna Asche, Massachusetts
Untitled (Assorted)
3 x 3.5

Jennifer Reed, Georgia
Spoiled Cake
4 x 7

Fawn Atencio, Colorado
Leftovers 93 (Assorted)
5 x 7

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