A Double Double

No, I'm not talking In and Out Burger.   I've never had their "double double," I stick with the single cheeseburger, which sounds pretty darn good right now.  For those of you who don't know what the heck I'm talking about, forgetaboutit -  unless you're headed to California or Nevada soon. Hmm, maybe Arizona, too.  Then run, don't walk, to the nearest In and Out!  Meanwhile, grab a chair at this table.  A double double means ten prints this post instead of five.  Enjoy!

Jimmy Hiller, South Carolina
Lost in the City
5 x 7

Ashlin Mears, Washingtion
old man of the woods
5 x 7

Vicki LoSasso, Nevada
Fish Gotta Swim
5 x 7

Amy Foltz, Iowa
Warp Weft Overs
5 x 7

Jonathan Stewart, Texas
Travel Size Air
3 x 6

Amy Nack, Idaho
Wishing My Life Away
5 x 5

Meredith Bertschin, Georgia
Better Dead than Zed
5 x 7

Robert Barney, Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan
Taliban Alley
5 x 7

Stefanie Dykes, Utah
5 x 7

Lisa Flowers Ross, Idaho
5 x 5


  1. What process was Ashlin Mears, old man of the woods, done in.

    -Jimmy Hiller

  2. Jimmy-

    It is a three plate photo litho :)

  3. Oh, also letter press for the title.

  4. It's wonderful, Ashlin! Thanks for posting.