Almost there, I'm almost there

Well, maybe not almost, but at least more than half way.  So whaddyathink?  You likin' the leftovers?  Me, too!  I don't think I've said it nearly enough.  These Leftovers are extraordinary.  I can't tell you how many people have mentioned how amazing they are.  They really, most sincerely,  are.  And I hope you all agree!  One thing they always say about Leftovers, is they're better the next day.   And the day after that, and the day after that!

Well done!

Melanie Yazzie, Colorado
5 x 7

Kim Labrum, Idaho
Sugar Skull Baby
5.5 x 5.5

Erin Strasser, Idaho
The Acorn Woodpecker Granary
5 x 7

Carole Ricketts, Nevada
Golden Rose
5.75 x 5

Micahel Baum, Washington
Just Grand
5 x 7

Pam McKnight, Idaho
5 x 5

Brooke Burton, Idaho
Mixed Messages
5 x 7 

Brandon Sanderson, Washington
Self Portrait at 33 Years Old
5 x 7

Gerri Sayler, Idaho
From the Spring Thaw Line series
5 x 5.5

Barry Treu, Florida
Rock Me Baby
4 x 5.5

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