Doubling Your Viewing Pleasure

Got a little ambitious and decided to post ten today.   Grad a cup of tea, a cup of joe, or if you're me, a cold diet coke and sit back and enjoy today's double feature presentation.

Mare Blocker
Pattern, Sashing, Cutaway
4 x 4

Amber Waite
New Growth
4 x 5.5

Anna Paradis, Kansas
Fiddler's Flight
5.5 x 5.5

Rachel Eastman
Star and Bikes
5 x 7

Ginger Tolonen
When Negative is Positive
5 x 7

Clayton Hollified
Waiting to Inhale
5 x 7

Katherine Jones
5 x 5

Tiffany Kimball Santos
5 x 7

David Laws
4 x 7

Eric Ennis
Nice Wattle
5 x 7

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