Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven . . . you get the picture

This is it!    They're finally all here on the blog:

Clark Barker, Colorado
5 x 7

Marjorie Bascom, Texas
Brain Cutting
5 x 7

Serena Van Vrenken, Oregon
3 x 5

Melissa Chambers, Idaho
5 x 7

Mike Chambers
Saint's Chair
4 x 7

Adriana Luna, Missouri
Night Cycles
5 x 7

Gail Everett, Oregon
4.5 x 4.5

PennyLea Mackey
Feng Shui Cure for Relationships
5 x 5

Lori Dean Dement, British Columbia
Macrolepiata Excoriata
5 x 7
Jessica Hetchler, Wisconsin
All in the Family 
5 x 7

Well, I didn't plan that - to end up having the last print be "All in the Family."   But that's how it wraps up,  with all the prints in the Leftover family.  Now, wouldn't it be just the real deal to sit down with your table mates?  I'd like that.

May you always have Leftovers and room at the table!


PS:  A big gigantic Leftover round of applause for your fellow diner, Daniel Mortensen, for all his help with the photography!  Hip Hip Hooray!

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