Just five a day

No, I'm not talking servings of fruits and vegetables, I'm talking LEFTOVERS.  I figure if I post five a day, they should all be up by the Fourth of July!  Now they are not going to be in any particular order, because you have confused me with someone that is really, really, orgainized.  WRONG!  I am really rather random, by nature, so here goes:
Kristina Torkelson, Idaho      
Exercise in Self- Promotion
5.5 x 6

Keriann Noga, WI               
5 x 7

Christopher Clark, Illinois            
5 x 5

Karri A Dieken, Washington                        
Envelope A                                        
5 x 7

Patricia Giraud, Oregon
red suit                                         
5 x 7


  1. Awesome, Amy! Thanks for sharing all of the Leftovers contributions so we can see them all. I love my little package that came in the mail a few weeks ago; what a treat!

  2. I will most definatley be making a real effort to be involved in the next leftovers swap, please keep me posted x

  3. I got Red Suit and Butch! Im wondering what process they were both done in. Their amazing prints!

  4. Butch is a screenprint done in a four-color, pseudo-process, line-halftone technique I was experimenting with. I'm glad you enjoy it.

  5. Red Suit is an intaglio print: aquatint, line etching and drypoint done on a copper plate. I am glad you like the image.