Remember to chew slowly

Now feel free to add comments about the prints here.  Just remember, no four letter words, like "nice" or "cool."   If you're the artist and have a story to share, please let us know and make sure to post your process as well.  Hang out and get to know each other - and stay as long as you like.

Zella Bardsley, Idaho
4 x 4

Deb Jones Yensen, ID
Lone Leaf
5.5 x 6

Amie Roman, British Columbia
4.5 x 6

Linda Wolfe, Idaho
My Dragon
5 x 7

April Hoff, Oregon
2 x 5


  1. It's great to have time to study these (even if it is online) and see where they are all from. Thanks for doing this, Amy. I hope people post some of the techniques and/or materials used.

  2. I looked through the whole bunch at least twice, if not three times, at the open studio and I'm still seeing some for the first time it seems like!!

    Deb- I love your print!! I love that it is much more mysterious than the prints I remember from when we were in school together. You're still doing flowers, but in a much deeper way!!!