The Jar is 1/5 Full

I'm not a pessimist!  I'm a Leftover Optimist and we're shooting for 100 leftover lovers the second time around.  We're already 1/5 of the way there!  Not bad since it's been only two days since we announced LEFTOVERS II.

Here are the details:


Serving Size:  Up to 5” x 7” – Can be smaller but NO larger 
Servings:   14 prints
Process:   Your choice - as long as it’s hand-pulled
Cost:    $12.00 -  (You receive a dozen Leftovers) 
Commitment Date:   January 15, 2011     
Expiration (due) Date:  March 15, 2011  

Spread the word, tell a friend! 
The more the merrier!

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