Mind your P's and Q's

I would if I could, but I have none.  P's and Q's that is.  We're up to 35 Leftover Lovers now, but not one of you have a name that begins with P nor Q.  I realized that when I alphabetized the list earlier tonight.  And since we're all printmakers, I thought I might remind you of what is believed to be the origin of this phrase.   Mirror images - need I say more?  Typographer apprentices were cautioned to mind their p's and q's when setting type because they are mirror images and easy to confuse.  Now, I always thought it had to do with the keyboard.  Left little finger types the q and right little finger types the p.
Artist J Golden

But back to our exchange, surely there must be some printmakers out there named Pamela, Paul, Paris or Quentin, Quincy and Quinn!

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