Rumors of a different kind of leftover exchange

I think I mentioned that Matt Bodett and I stopped by Crown Point Press yesterday, but what I forgot to mention was that we each picked up an original sketchbook/journal made out of Crown Point leftovers.  We witnessed one of the master printmakers printing an edition of a small plate on full sized sheets of paper. The print is eventually trimmed down - leaving several strips of blank leftovers.   And those leftovers?  Well, they eventually make their way into sketchbook/journals.   And the covers of the sketchbook/journals are actually rejected prints that get torn down, too.    As we both "oohed" and "aahed" and selected our favorite to purchase, Matt looked at me and said, " Amy, this would be a great exchange idea."   So, I'm just throwing this out there.  Let's just say participants agreed to create 4, maybe 5 small blank books with leftover prints as covers - along with a few signatures of blank paper and they in return would get back that same number of books.   Would anyone be interested?

This, I think,  is the very table that held the stack of sketchbooks! And here's  a crummy  cell phone photo of my book made with beautiful leftover printmaking papers.

It's about 7" square, cost me $20.00 and probably has 30 individual sheets of assorted papers in it.  If you know Matt Bodett, ask to see his.

Today's my last day in SF and I can't wait to get back to all your leftovers.

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