Taking Home Leftovers

It's true.  I will be taking Leftovers  home with me from San Francisco.  Three of our exchange participants live in the greater Bay Area and we met for dinner last night.  No, I'm not taking leftovers from our dinner back to Boiz-wah, I'm taking their Leftover prints back to Boiz-wah.  And here's a wonderful fact that most of you have probably realized already.
Some of our best friends in life will turn out to be printmakers!  How do I know this?  I know this from experience.  You see, my dinner companions last night all took the same printmaking workshop in Florence with me back in the summer of 2004.   The same workshop that made me decide to go back to school to study printmaking.  And we've all kept in touch.  Of course, the Bay Area gals get to run into each other a bit more often, but nevertheless we've all stayed in touch  because of that common connection.  Don't you just love it??

Now, I'm sorry to say I won't be able to personally pick up everybody's prints - and they are due today.   But, I won't be back in Boise until late tomorrow night, and if I don't have your prints yet, we will figure it all out.   Meanwhile, have a great day and bask in the strength of our wonderful connection to one another!

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