Leftover Granola

I must be outtamymind!  I'm staying at a hostel here in San Francisco with the BSU MFA and MA students and breakfast is included.   But I wasn't in the mood for a bagel or bread with peanut butter and/or jelly today, so decided to head out this morning for  a lovely little breakfast.   Fresh squeezed orange juice, hot tea served by a handsome waiter and I settled on the granola with banana slices.  

The reason I must be outtamymind is the bill came to $16.46 - for breakfast - and I had leftovers because I couldn't finish it all!   What was I thinking?  Guess tomorrow I'll settle for bagel with the peanut butter and/or jelly and wash my own dishes again.  

But the good news is it fortified me for our  BART trip to Oakland and short hike to Creative Growth - a visionary center for artists with disabilities.  So far, it's been my favorite part of the trip.  Check out their website at www.creativegrowth.org.  

Did I say that was my most favorite part of my trip so far?  Okay, it's tied with a personal tour of Crown Point Press  Matt Bodett and I had this afternoon.   Two more days in the city and I'll be back in Boiz-wah sorting leftovers.  I mean Leftovers!    YAY!

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