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The third Leftover print and its creator arrived on my doorstep this morning.  Yay! A gorgeous linocut by Lisa Flowers Ross.   And, did I mention the mezzotint, yes, you read it right mezzotint by Cassandra Schiffler that I received Monday night.  You're all gonna so wish you had made 77 prints instead of thirteen.  Oh, yes, that did say 77!   We had another request from a Leftover Lover to participate just yesterday and I couldn't (and wouldn't) turn it down.

I'm beginning to think I should start scanning the prints so I could post them on the blog.  But that would be a lotta lotta work, huh?   Plus that would be spilling the leftover beans, wouldn't it? Darn, what a predicament!  And speaking of predicaments, I google-imaged (is that really a verb, google-imaged?) the word predicament, and just look what I found!  I have a feeling there would be no leftovers here:

Now that, my friends, is a predicament! The image, by the way,  is from a t-shirt company called threadless.

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