Jack Lemmon Couldn't Have Done it Any Better

Wasn't it Jack Lemmon in the movie The Apartment that threw a piece of spaghetti against the wall?

His theory was if the spaghetti stuck to the wall, it was done.  Never mind that he strained the pasta through a tennis racket.  Well, Saltgrass printmakers threw our Leftovers up on the wall and exchange member Linda Schrock, whose print included  popcorn and a ticket stub from that same movie (okay, that was a stretch and a fib) took some photos of her visit to Saltgrass.  So, if you won't be able to make it to the Sugar District of Salt Lake soon, take a lingering look:

Glad you stayed for the credits!

Filmed on location at Saltgrass Printmakers, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Thanks to Stefanie Dykes, Sandy and Erik Brunvand and Linda Shrock for making this blog entry possible.

Now go out and Think Ink, Prefer Paper, Love Life and Make Art All Day Long!

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  1. Oh How I would LOVE to see each print in this project individually on the computer screen. Maybe on a flickr page. I have a flickr account we could use.
    Is that at all possible? We could also use my website which would be more permanent.

    I would really like to be able to email everyone and invite them to send 72 dpi jpgs of their works.