All our prints seem so far away.

So far away!  Far away, in New Zealand for crying out loud.  And the opening is tonight.  New Zealand time.  Even thought it's Thursday here, it's yesterday there.  And when it's today here. it's yesterday there.  So,  I'm lamenting the past, even though its in the future.  Go figure.

Enough!  Here's New Zealand's Wharepuke Gallery and Print Studio's  to-die for printmaking studio where NON-TOXIC is key!  And here's to Mark Graver,  proprietor and visionary.  Yup!  He's the guy that took a chance on us.  And that could lead me to an old Abba song, but I'm smart enough to know to get the hook.

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  1. What a beautiful space, makes me want to print again :)