There's a First Time for Everything!

Yup.  I knew it was coming.  So, I shouldn't have even been that surprised.  But when I went to the mailbox today, there it was!  My first, EVER, package from Australia.  And just because you may have never received a package from Australia before either, I will share it with you:

And, yes, it was filled with just a little bit late Leftovers!  (Who's going to turn down prints from Australia!)  And are you wondering what those yellow stripes are in the background on the lefthand side?  I was.  I took the photo on my light table, so the stripes are the bulbs!

Oh, I started making address labels today - oh, and print labels for our upcoming exhibitions and auctions.   And, yup.  I still have some scanning to do.  A lot of Leftover scanning to be honest.  So,  I may be calling on a few of you lucky local leftover loving labeling lads and lassies to come give me a little hand.  Because, you see,  the collating doesn't start until ALL the labels are done.

Later . . .

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