Shhhhhhhhhhhh . . . Listen

Okay, so we collect Leftovers.  Well, that is, we collect your Leftovers (with your help). We put out the call. You respond. You send in your leftovers.  Easy enough.  And we can see why you might think so.  So we thought we might share with you a bit of exactly what happens and how it goes.   And, of course we could start by listing things like:

1. Go to the mailbox
2. Bring in the packages
3. Open the packages
4. Ooh and Ahh
4. Record receipt of each L/O in Excel spreadsheet
5. (you get the picture)

And, the truth of the matter is: that's just exactly what we do.  But rather than list all the steps one by one, we thought we might just invite you to listen to exactly what we do.  So, close your eyes for about 140 seconds and listen.  Listen to the Leftovers:

Unpacking L/O

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  1. What fun - I loved this. It made me smile when I heard the "oh, wow!". Thank you for taking such good care of all of our leftovers. I am looking forward to seeing this year's collection.