It's Leftover's III Eve

And here's one of the packages under the tree, er, I mean press!
Well, I guess it is a tree, the annual Leftover tree.  This artist really took the Leftovers theme to heART!  It's from first time Leftover participant, Dr. Kathleen Keys at Boise State University, who heads up the Art Education program at BSU.  And speaking of BSU, last year Leftovers were part of the Inaugural Symposium of the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance.  And we have plenty of new connections to Leftovers this year as a result of the RMPA folks.    And if everyone who said they were going to participate follows through, we'll have over 180 course of Leftovers at the international Leftover banquet-buffet-feast!

Buon appetito!

Oh!  And here's a shot of the Leftover tree with all the packages that arrived today.

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