A Leftover Landslide

Yup!  Got a tip that there's a bundle of bloggers from Canada to Spain spreading the leftover light and love.   Check 'em out! You'll even get a "shining" sneak peak at one set of prints that arrived in my mail box recently.

And speaking of mail, I can't tell you how much fun it is to find a package of prints in my mailbox!  Though this mailbox has taken a lot of abuse.  My postal carrier stuffed in a big package of prints last year forcing the mail box to lose it's footing in the ground and it's been a bit wobbly ever since.  With 130 packages arriving over the next few weeks, (let's see that's about FOUR a day) it just may be on its last leg.

See the large envelope with the red stripe on top.  If you could only peak inside . . . absolutely stunning little drypoints!   Uh-huh.

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