Art is a Conversation!

And it tells a story.  And it helps us connect - connect with one another, connect with who we are, connect with where we are and it helps us see how we are part of a much larger picture somehow.

Plan on spending a few minutes here, and sit down for awhile, because I have a wonderful little story to share.

When I was organizing Leftovers II last fall I sent out a lot of emails inviting people to participate.  Most of you are probably familiar with that evite.   Here's a response I received from a former classmate and printmaker:

I would love to participate in your print exchange. I have a slight logistical issue, but am hoping, with a little help, to contribute to the exchange. I am currently deployed to Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. Which means I am currently separated from my scraps and printing supplies, but close to interesting artistic inspiration to print. I won't be back in Boise until the 1st week of April. If you could direct me to some resources for scrap paper, and an easy, portable, printing technique I could have shipped over here, I would love to participate. Thank you for thinking of me and I look forward to having fun in person with Wing Tip when I get back.

Wow, I had no idea he was in Afghanistan!  So, this was my response:

Well . . . Geez!  I didn't know you are in Afghanistan!  Yowsers!
So!  How about I send you some scraps, some linoleum and a brayer and ink!  I could send a small set of lino tools, too!  You could hand burnish the prints.   I am thrilled that you are interested in participating and will do whatever I can to get you the stuff.   Let me know if there would be any problem with sending the tools.  I have plenty of supplies - and what would be better than to send  all  the leftover stuff to you to use while you are there!

I sent the stuff.  He got the stuff.  He replied.

I received your package recently and it really made my day. I am excited to put a run together, the best I can over here. Little things from home become a big deal over here. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Again thank you very much.  

And then - tonight - I got this:

I mailed my "scrap-run" to your address on Sunday (Saturday night your
time). This will arrive later than the 15th, hopefully not too much
later. It's not the easiest thing to mail things over here, most
especially the line of people at the post office. I did get to use the
"express line" which only took 2 hours. I'm attaching some in-process
photos. I did have a great time doing it, so thank you very much for
allowing me this opportunity. Let me know if there is anything else I
need to do.

Here are the photos!

Yup!  Art tells a story.  It  really does connect us to one another.


  1. That's so cool! Now I feel bad for saying that I can't ever do anything because I don't have a press!

  2. Inspiring! and wonderful of you to provide tools for artistic expression and diversion to someone who is giving their time to protect us all!!! Kudos!