Boise Premier!

Plans are underway for the exhibition of the Leftovers III portfolio in Wingtip's beautiful new space in the cultural district of Boise.  The exhibition and auction opens on December 3 and will be featured in Boise's monthly First Thursday art walk.  The auction will close on December 8 at 7:00.  We're getting very excited to host this event in our new digs.

And the folks at the Hunger Relief Task Force are ecstatic! 

Here's why:  According to the Task Force, "too many in our community are not adequately fed - a basic foundation of a healthy community. Instead, some children rely on a free school lunch as their their healthiest meal of the day. Many older people eat too little to maintain their health and independence. Many working parents skip meals so that their children can eat. Hungry families can be found in every county in Idaho, and the ill effects of hunger touch everyone and every community in some way. A prosperous community is one that addresses the root causes of this most basic indicator—food insecurity. The  Cultivate Idaho Initiative looks beyond emergency assistance and explores local food systems, economic development, community support systems, and civic engagement for sustainable solutions to build a food secure and thriving community."

Leftover prints making a difference.

Oh! We'll be announcing the call for Leftovers IV as soon as we close the auction.




  1. I would love to see this year's artwork! I have a wonderful piece from last year. What is the address and what are the hours?

  2. Just discovered your comment, Anonymous. We're located at 500 South 8th Street in Boise. The prints are currently showing in Australia and will return the end of March. We have a few from the December auction that are still available. If you're a face booker, like us Wingtip Press on FB and we'll keep you up to date on all the good things that are happening in our world.


  3. Oops, I meant to say they are showing in New Zealand until the end of March.