THREE! No, TWO, no, ONE!

I'm old enough to remember that old game show "Let's Make a Deal."  Lucky participants would get to the point where they could make a choice between three doors with the chance at winning a Takach press. Well, maybe it wasn't a Takach press, but there was a wonderful prize behind one of those doors. When asked which door they would choose, nervous contestants would sometimes shout: THREE! No, TWO, no, ONE! It sounded like one word:threenotwonoone!

That's what it feels like when announcing all our Leftovers exhibitions and exchanges which seem to always be happening simultaneously.

So, just to set this straight. Leftovers II recently returned from Swansea, Wales. Leftovers III is opening at Wharepuke in New Zealand on Thursday, February. Leftovers I is filed safely away at Wingtip, and Leftovers IV is a work in progress.  Seems to me we're all winners.
And if you haven't signed up for Leftovers IV, there's still time.  You don't want to miss an exhibition behind the door at AppleStick Contemporary Gallery in Australia, do ya?

Here's what's behind the door at Art at Wharepuke in Kerikeri, New Zealand.  Don'tcha just wish we could all go open that door?

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