A Call for Leftovers

Leftovers today - tomorrow world class art!

A call for leftovers?  Are you kidding?  Nope, I'm serious.  Have you ever been caught spending more time organizing your stuff instead of making art.  Well, you probably haven't, but this is one of my favorite diversion tricks.   I did it all day Saturday.  I decided to organize my paper and got a bit carried away when I began organizing all the leftover edition scraps that tend to accumulate. While tempted to toss them and struggling with the obsessive thought that I may really need them some day, I decided I needed 'em and I need them now.  And here's why -

Hello printmakers!

Leftovers, anyone?

I was cleaning out my flat files yesterday and found about a gzilatrillion scraps of paper from tearing down BFK, Arches, Stonehenge and Somerset papers from various editions and exchanges, etc. -  and then I had this idea as I was sorting them all because I'm sure each and everyone of you have mounds of scraps, too.   So here's the deal!   Wingtip Press will be hosting a print exchange called Leftovers.  I'm inviting any artist/printmaker that wants to participate and you can, too.  The good news is you only have to make 13 itty bitty prints and you will receive an assortment of a dozen itty bitty Leftovers once they have all been submitted.  And they will, of course,  be in various sizes, papers, and methods, blah, blah, blah.

Here are the details -

Servings Per Container:  13
Serving Size:  Up to 5" x 7"  - can be smaller, but no larger
Printing Method:  It's up to you as long as the leftovers are hand pulled
Cost:  $12.00 a baker's dozen. (you make 13, you get 12 leftovers for a buck a piece )
Expiration date:  Tuesday, March 23, 2010  (I think Tuesdays are good leftover days, don't you? - plus nothin' ever happens on Tuesdays)

You have until midnight,  December 30 to decide if you're in.   There will be no room for leftovers on December 31 - plus anybody in their right mind will be out partying anyway!

OH!  There will be a big Leftover potluck for the local folk at a date and place to be determined.

Please feel free to pass this along to any artist/printmaker you know that might be interested.  I will be setting up a blog about this exchange and will give you the link once you decide to participate.  

You have three months to do it, you get rid of a lot of scraps, you get back a dozen prints and I promise fun along the way and I'll be working on an exhibiton.  I promise!!!

Remember, think ink, prefer paper, love life and make art all day long.

And may all your leftovers taste as good as they did on that first bite!!


So, sign up to become a Leftover's blog member as we blog our way through our leftover exchange.  It'll be a reason to delay making the art until the last minute.  And you can share your thoughts with the rest of us while you're procrastinating!

Bon appetit!


  1. Hello Amy and All,
    I am very excited to use my scraps. This is a great idea and I only wish I was in Boise to par take in the gatherings:) !

  2. The numbers are GR O WWWW IN G! We're up to twenty and there's more really good news on the way!

  3. This is one of these fun projects that I can't wait to do. Thanks Amy!

  4. This is going to be great! I have leftovers all over the place...will be sooooooooo difficult to choose which scraps to use! Can't wait to get them cookin'!
    Thanks Amy!

  5. I would like to do it. Melanie Yazzie sent me an email but I don't know who or where to send prints to. Do we send the $12 with our prints?