What's So Special About the Number 59??

Well, for starters, one of our favorite leftover dolls was born in '59.  C'mon, you know who I'm talking about!

And then, of course, Don Drysdale hit his 2nd opening day home run in 1959 . . .
Liz Taylor entered her 4th marriage to Eddie Fisher,
Bob Dylan graduated from Hibbing High School in Minnesota,
Hawaii became the 50th state,
Bonanza premiered - duht dada duht dada duht, dada duht, dadada, duh . . .
Kruschev  was in the US and was denied access to Disneyland!
Cosmo editor Helen Gurley married David Brown.  Get it?  Helen Gurley Brown!
Shimmy, shimmy koko bop became part of the rock lexicon.

So what else is special about 59?
We now have 59 Leftover Lovers! and I wonder how many leftover lovers are left-handed?

Sign in, if you're left handed!

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