I said, it's really not my habit to intrude . . .

Furthermore, I hope my meaning won't be lost or misconstrued
But I'll repeat myself, at the risk of being crude
There's  50 way to use your leftovers!

Slip 'em in the ferric, Eric
Make a new plate, Nate
The prints will be great, Kate
Just listen to me

Don't sign with a pen, Jen
We need some more men, Ben!
Store 'em really, really flat, Matt
Just listen to me

Be done in a jiff, Tiff,
Get off of the fence, Pence
No need to feel shame, Ame
Just listen to me

Wear an old frock, Schrock
Come down from the hill, Jill
Find  scraps of old Lana, Anna
Just listen to me

Wipe the plate off, Hoff
Soak paper in the tub, Bubb
Pull off a new print, Clint
And get yourself free!

Thanks to Paul Simon - 

and the 50 awesome printmakers who have signed up for the Leftovers Anyone? exchange.   Now, whaddyasay we shoot for 60?  I'm in. You?  Spread the love!

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