Get out the Map Pins!

Leftover lovers are uniting!  I mean it.  Of course we knew Idahoans wouldn't be able to resist. It's our nature.

Leftover roasted postatoes, leftover mashed potatoes, leftover parsley buttered potatoes, leftover scalloped potatoes, left over french fries.  Well . . .  maybe not leftover french fries, but you get my drift.   And apparently there are leftover lovin' ladies and lads in California, Nevada, Michigan, Massachusetts, Utah and even Kansas!  The word is spreading and  those overstuffed flat files and bulging Dan Smith shipping boxes that have been screaming for attention are finally getting the respect they deserve.   So drop those scribes, exacto knives, litho crayons, lino tools, solarplates and tarlatans and reach out to your fellow printmakers!  Let them know there is hope!  Let them know it's time to reach up and lift the load of weighty leftover paper from their shoulders and turn them into prints that can take their rightful place in the world.

There's still time and there's good news a-comin, I promise.

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